Italy x Chloe: A Hetalia Romance

Italy x Chloe. Historical romance fiction based on Hetalia


1. The Beginning

"Italy! Come on I have someone you need to meet!" Said France, Italy's older brother. "I'm coming, Big Brother France!" Said Italy as he put in his nicest pants.

As Italy walked down the stairs, I saw the cutest person ever. He walked over to me and said "hi there I'm Italy what's your name" I said "My name is Chloe nice to meet you" and we looked as for a moment until France told him to take a seat and then left.

Italy leaned towards me after we talked for two hours and said "Chloe, can I kiss you?" And I said sure. He kissed me on the lips and my face turned bright red blushing.

Author's Message-

Hi! I'm the author. I'm not making this a long story for now. I will be making more chapters later so tune in for those. Thanks for reading! Bye!

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