Holding on m.c.

Angelina Johnson seems like a regular teenage girl right? Wrong, she's bullied by her peers and her brothers, she's abused by her father, and her mother died. The only support she ever had. She's anorexic, depressed, bipolar, has anxiety, and self harms. Secretly she smokes and drinks.

One night of drinking she meet boy with a eyebrow piercing and coloured hair, Michael Clifford. After meeting her, he becomes so involved she can't get rid of him. Can she hold on forever or will she slip and fall?


1. chapter 1

Angel's pov

I wake up to the sound of Vic Fuentes' voice singing 'Hold On Till May'. One of my favorite songs. I sigh and get up out of my bed and walk to me closet and pull out one of my black sweaters, a pair of black skinnies, and my white combat boots. You see I really like the colour black.

I set my clothes on my bed and I lift my Sleeping With Sirens jumper over my head reveling a horrible sight. I shudder at my reflection, my stomach is caved in showing my hip bones and rib cage. Scars covering my hips, wrists and thighs. I bite my lip, feeling the hot tears starting to pool in my eyes.

Through blurry vision I throw on my sweater and my skinnies. I walk over to my desk and comb my black and blue hair, styling it to its original state. I do my make up. A subtle smokey eye and chapstick. My lips are naturally red-pink so there's no point of lipstick. I sit on the edge of my bed and start lacing up my boots. Finished, I grab my phone off its charger and grab my bag for school.

I walk down stairs and see my Dad reading the paper and drinking coffee. He looks at me and scoffs, going back to whatever he was reading before. I open the fridge and grab a couple water bottles.

"Why don't you eat something for breakfast?" My Father asks not looking from his paper.

"M'not hungry." I mumble

"God dammit Angel! You're never hungry." He yells and I flinch.

"Zachary, Matthew!" I flinched again and right on cue Zach and Matty walk down stairs. They grab a piece of toast and walk out the door, having no choice but to follow. Hoping today won't be horrible.


Sooo? How was the first chapter?

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