The "perfect" body

A brief writing about the so called, perfect body.
*This writing is fiction and the names are made up, although its inspired on a true event*


1. The ¨perfect¨ body

As the time passed we started with small talk then chitchat and every time our conversation got deeper into subjects until we landed in the subject of ourselves. The “perfect body” they say is when girls are super skinny with a flat stomach. Ironically when they have the thigh gap and strong sexy legs. As we started complimenting ourselves we began to build what society has stated as the “female perfect body”. Everyone threw in a compliment to someone else and at the end we had built the most perfect girl in the world. Natalia got the legs and eyes because she had hazel eyes. Alondra was chosen for her hair since it was smooth and silky and perfectly blonde. I, apparently had the proportioned curves that would fit perfectly with our body. Naomi had the butt and cup C breasts that together with everyone else’s part would make everyone envy that imaginary person. Only one girl in the conversation was left out. Before anyone said that it was stupid to be doing this, someone said that she had the intelligence for our imaginary person. After our conversation drifted to another area I was still thinking of what the girl that was chosen for intelligence, was thinking. It might seem absurd that when I had the curves I was jealous of someone else but I couldn’t get that thought out of head. I was dying of jealousy inside. Dying because I wasn’t chosen for what I hold inside but how I look. They didn’t chose my charisma or my ability to be compassionate, they chose me for my curves... Looking still at the girl I knew she was hurt that according to our conversation she felt like she didn’t have the ability to offer a physical attribute because she didn’t have one. Today this girl goes home and cries in her room for hours. Today another girl like her decides to stop eating food for a week. Today another girl sits in her bathroom while trying to make herself throw up. Around the world another girl hurts herself. This is what society has inflicted on our generation. What Instagram has stereotyped over and over. What I wake up to everyday. Even though they claim that everyone is perfect in their own way, magazines still photo shop women to make them seem more perfect. Hypocrisy is what I wake up to every morning when they say they want everyone to love themselves but they still want to preserve the image of a Barbie as perfect. How can we not lack confidence as human beings when we hear every day what perfect is supposed to be. Funny is that it is all a cycle. I look at the watery eyes of the girl and I get more and more angry. So envious that I couldn’t be chosen for my intelligence and so angry that when society says there’s no physical quality, as a second option they search for inner qualities. It shouldn’t be like that, we shouldn’t live in a society that puts beauty before intelligence in very possible way. What angers me more is the hypocrite way in which they claim intelligence comes first but in practice they always chose beauty. I wish she could see how jealous and envious I am of her but all she sees is that she is not “beautiful” and not worthy enough because they had to go to last option, which was inner beauty, to add her to our “perfect body image”. Way to go photoshoots and magazines! If at least you idolized a real image maybe my generation wouldn’t be so screwed up, but no, you still manipulate every picture so it can look more “perfect” while still telling us to love ourselves.

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