Another: the continuation (fan-continuation)

Another: the continuation This continuation, will for the most part follow the anime adaptation of the story. I understand the discrepancies between the book and the anime, yet I feel more drawn to the anime version. So I will adhere to the different details of the anime. [the story starts right where the last scene of the anime ended]


1. We're just...carrying on.

[the story starts right where the last scene of the anime ended] Walking, I turn my head toward Misaki, and ask, "Is it all over now? All this senseless death?" Misaki looks at me, with a empty expression, then superadded a reassuring smile. I took this as an obvious yes. It is pleasant to view her smiling. Maybe more pleasing for me than others. Still walking, I imagine I'll head home now. It might be strange to face my grandparents again, after what happened. I know they won't remember Reiko being there, but I'll still be unnerved by the memories of events that are brought up from returning to such a place. Out of nowhere, Misaki asks me, "Do you have any plans for the rest of your day?" She has me curious of the source of this question.  I reply honestly, "No, I was just going to walk you home, and then return to my own." While still walking, Misaki tilts her head a bit and looks down at the path moving beneath her feet. She seems a bit flustered, maybe saying that I was going to walk her home was a bit assumptious. Would she refuse me? She's got every right to do so.  She then asks, "When we arrive at my house, would you like to come in?" I was a little surprised, but hearing that question was quite delightful. I admittedly, already had the urge to spend more time with her, that coupled with the fact that I don't when I will be able to see her, save for the start of school. "Yes, i would very much like that." I respond. She smiles lightly at me. It's not to often I get a reaction of any sort from her. As I walk with Misaki I don't say much. Not much I feel comfortable saying goes beyond being trivial. Sometimes, I feel we can just enjoy the silence together. Whilst continuing on our way to Misaki's house, I catch my self looking back, as though to check for an assailant. Understandably so,my psyche isn't too stable after the events that have recently transpired. I'm holding it together...or maybe I'm holding it in, maybe I'm just delaying a total collapse of my mental state. I shutter as I am grimly reminded of the looming abhorrent fear standing subtly beneath my conscious, waiting to explode and make a horrific scene. For now it effects me in somewhat harmless ways, so I will hide, and ignore it. "What are your plans for the summer?" Misaki pierces my trance, with a sudden question. Before answering her question, i start observing my surroundings, and realize that we've walked quite a distance, and are about halfway to Misaki's house. I must've spaced out deep enough in my mind to be oblivious to the lapsing of time. I respond to her question, "Well, I don't really have any plans. I'll probably laze about at my house." "Hmmm" Misaki mumbles. Misaki looks forward and slightly down, she seems to be pondering something. I wonder what she is thinking about? Maybe she has some plans over summer, maybe a summer vacation her family had deemed sine qua non for her. Instead of pondering this question, I could simply inquire about it, but I elect not to. We finally arrive at the studio that lies below her house. The building still retains its illusion of darkness, but after what I've experienced these last few days, it feels like I'm approaching a dim sanctuary. A dim sanctuary, that's home to a warm light disguised in grim loneliness...Misaki. 

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