I hate you i love you (Niall)

Skyler had a hard life until she bumped into a blonde haired boy with an Irish accent at the store. Will she go with her rescuer or the boy that took her mind off of her bad life?

P.S this is my first time writing so....


42. where's Niall?

(Skylers p.o.v.)

When I woke up I saw bright lights in my eyes but my vision was blurry. "She's alive." Someone said

"It actually worked." Another said

"He must have really loved her to do that." Someone else said


I tried to ask who they were talking about but words weren't coming out of my mouth when I tried to talk. What was happening? Where was I? Who wee they talking about? Questions questions questions filled my head.

"I think she's trying to say something." Someone said

Boys come in here!" Someone yelled

"Where am I?" I asked in a soft whisper

"Your in the hospital." Liam said as my eyes came to focus.

"What happened?" I asked

When they explained everything to me I was shocked. I had a tumor in my heart and they had s donor just in time to save me.

"Where is Niall?" I asked

"I don't know." Liam said "Zayn do you know?"

"No." Zayn replied

Then a nurse walked in. "How are you Skyler?" She asked

"Good. Um is there any way to know who donated their heart for me?" I asked

"Oh right this is for you." She said handing me an envelope

"What's this?" I asked

"A letter. Oh theirs one for each of you." She said as she walked out of the room and handed the boys their envelopes.

"Can you guys give me a second?" I asked

"Sure." They all said and then they left

What was in this envelope? Why did the boys get one too? There was only one way to figure out. So I opened it and began to read.

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