I hate you i love you (Niall)

Skyler had a hard life until she bumped into a blonde haired boy with an Irish accent at the store. Will she go with her rescuer or the boy that took her mind off of her bad life?

P.S this is my first time writing so....


15. thanks Liam

When I woke up in my bed Niall was gone I could have sworn he was here when I fell asleep. It was the next morning when I woke up so he must have gone to his own bed to sleep. When I walk down stairs I see Rain and Niall making out and its passionate the way he carefully touches her jaw as he's kissing her it makes me jealous I wanted that with him. He must have noticed me watching because he stopped suddenly and looked at the stairs where I was standing. "Um...hey." Niall said looking at me "good morning"

"I wish it was." I replied and I ran upstairs back into my room and locked my door.

Over the past 2 months Liam and I became really close he was like a better brother. Yes better as in I have a brother Jake is my brother and yes the same brother that would beat me. The good thing about Liam was that I could talk to him about Jake and all of that I even told him Jake was my brother and he held me when I was crying. So I decided to text me and say....

Liam I really need your help can you come over?-sky (he liked to call me sky instead of Skyler)

Yeah I'll be their soon. What's going on?-Liam

We'll talk about it when you get here-sky

I took a shower and got dressed and because uIfelt I was going to cry trying to explain to Liam what was happening I decided not to wear make up. So when I heard a knock on the door I knew it was Liam "hey mate" he must have said to Niall

"Hey I didn't know you where coming over right now it's not really a good time." Niall said

"Well sky invited me over to talk so...." Liam said

"Oh why?" Niall asked I could sense some jealousy in his voice for some reason.

"I don't know but I'm going to go find out. Have fun doing whatever you where doing." Liam said joking around with Niall. Soon I heard a knock on my door "come in." I said and when I saw Liam I started crying.

(Liam's p.o.v.)

When I had gotten sky's text at 10:30 in the morning I didn't know what could was wrong but she said she really needed my help so I hurried so I could get to her. When I knocked on the door Niall came to get it and I saw Rain Niall ex-girlfriend with him. By the way pink lipstick that was on his lips I could tell they had been making out. After we chatted for a bit I could tell in Niall's voice he was mad and jealous that sky asked to talk to me. When I knocked on her door she said "come in." And when I did I could see she was crying.

"Sky what's wrong?" I asked and she explained it to me. Like how she liked Niall and how they shared a moment the other night and how Harry cheated and her and I still can't believe Harry did that I thought he really fancied her I remember when he said she was fit. But why would he do this to her? She had been thrift so much already and I still can't believe Jake is get brother or that she told me about it. "Calm down"

"I-I" she started but couldn't finish her sentence. After a while she calmed down and was able to talk to me. "I'm sorry." She said

"Don't be sorry skylight." I called her skylight because light was her middle name and I only said it because it made her laugh it was like our little inside joke no one else's understood why I called her that.

She smiled and said"thanks." Then we heard a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Sky asked

"Um it's Niall can we talk?"

"About what?" She asked

"Um about Rain and myself." He said

"No we can't because I don't want to talk about that Rain have fun with her Niall I don't care any more! And I have company over which is obvious so leave!" She yelled at him I had never seen her this mad.

"You obviously do still care. And what are you talking to Liam about that you can't talk to me about?"

"You, you dumbass!" She yelled back "and I want you to leave me alone Niall."

We waited a moment until I heard Niall leave. "I'm going to check on him." I said

"Okay just hurry back okay?" She said

"Yeah I will."

"Hey Liam?" She asked


"Thanks." And she pulled me in and kissed me on the cheek.

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