I hate you i love you (Niall)

Skyler had a hard life until she bumped into a blonde haired boy with an Irish accent at the store. Will she go with her rescuer or the boy that took her mind off of her bad life?

P.S this is my first time writing so....


41. I'm sure

(Niall's p.o.v.)

I ran to the nurse to confirm what Liam told me and it was true. She was on life support and she was going to die soon without a heart. "Can a living person donate a heart?" I asked

"Yes but obviously that person would die." The nurse Valerie said

"Yes but it could be done?" I said

"Yes it could." She confirmed

"So I could give her my heart right now and she would be okay?" I asked

"Yes." She said "But I wouldn't suggest it."

"Why." I asked

"Well you have a lot going for you your talented, nice and good looking. Just find your self another girlfriend." Valerie said

"It's not that easy. She's too special and important to me to die. I have to do this." I said

She just nodded and said "you'll have to fill this out." She handed me a stack of papers and a pen. 5 hours later when I was done with all the paper work I handed it to her and grabbed 6 pieces of paper. I started writing a letter to Liam, Zayn, Louis, Harry, Four and Skyler. Once I was done with them it was 10 in the morning. I asked the nurse to give the letters to them once I was gone. She lead me into skylers room and closed the door behind her. "Are you sure about this? Once we take it out we can't put it back in." She said

I saw skylers face on the bed it was pale and looked life less. I had to do this to show her how much I loved her.

"I'm sure." I said as I kissed sky's cheek

"Okay. Here take this and lay down." She handed me a red pill and a glass of water as I laid down on the spare bed beside Skyler.

I took it and the last thing I saw was skylers face.

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