spies and assassins-The Prolouge

Join two of the world's greatest spies, Femke and Alex, as they hunt down their enemy assassin, Shalidar. However, Femke is 'assassinated' and without her help, Alex sees very little point and gain in completing the mission as she is not very experienced. The fate of Shandar hangs by a thread. To restore order, Alex must pay a terrible price...

This is the first book in the series..
watch out for the second book coming out soon...


1. Fire and Fury

'' Stop him! He is to be held on charges for treason!''

For the slightest instant, Shalidar was off balance. He was expecting to have a meeting with the emperor, but instead, General Surabar was standing in the emperor's study, pointing at him with an accusing finger. Instinct and wealth of experience gave Shalidar the time he needed.

In the blink of an eye, Shalidar released his knife into the direction of the General. The general swayed out of the knife's path with amazing agility for someone so old. Simultaneously, Shalidar noticed the spy girl, Femke release a blade of her own. It missed Shalidar- only just. The blade rammed home into the wooden door with a juddering thud. No one had come so close to killing him before. Worse, the blade was thrown by a girl in her teenage years. Like a shadow fleeing from light, Shalidar left the room with all speed...

'' Femke.'' The voice was harsh and held a bitter taste to its sound. The General wasn't pleased. To be honest, neither was Femke. She was the best spy the city of Shandar could offer, but she couldn't stop an assassin from escaping.

'' God! I'm so foolish'' she breathed as she walked slowly towards the General.

There was an awkward silence.

'' Well, I guess someone must go and get the rat'' General Surabar said.

'' Of course I will. I shall just pack my things. I assure you, I will leave by dawn tomorrow. Reynik will get my horse ready. I just hope I get to him before he reaches the guild.'' Femke responded,'' No one apart from the assassins know the guild's whereabouts. 

'' Then you must start now. I shall tell Alex to inform me will all the details of your little adventure''

''Alex is coming?''

'' Why of course.''

'' She isn't very experienced.''

Surabar gave Femke a hard stare.

'' Give her a chance'' he said, then left the room.

''Great!'' Femke muttered, sarcasm embracing her tone. She began scribbling down all her options of how to approach an assassin. However, she was much to busy to notice the shadowy figure ,who was standing not more than five meters away, watching all her movements.  

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