spies and assassins-The Prolouge

Join two of the world's greatest spies, Femke and Alex, as they hunt down their enemy assassin, Shalidar. However, Femke is 'assassinated' and without her help, Alex sees very little point and gain in completing the mission as she is not very experienced. The fate of Shandar hangs by a thread. To restore order, Alex must pay a terrible price...

This is the first book in the series..
watch out for the second book coming out soon...


3. Dawn

'' Where is Alex?'' Femke demanded, staring intensely at the general. 

'' Now Alex, dont play games with me. You know she must come with you.''

'' Does it look like I'm joking? She's gone. Im going without her.''

With that, she turned and left the room. Reynik was waiting outside the palace gates for her.


''We are leaving without her.''

''OK! Lets go!''

The horses were sent instantly in motion as they ran towards finding the assassins before the assassins found them...


The news was all over the town. Someone had been murdered and was on the loose. Despite hearing the constant talk about the subject, Alex did not know much.

'' Who was it? Who was the victim?''

'' I have no idea'' responded Clare, Alex's friend, '' But apparently, the assassins are striking back. I hate it when that happens. Cant the spies and assassins live in peace instead of creating a mix of fire and fury.

Alex just arrived at the outskirts of Shandar and decided to camp over for a night. Clare lived in the outskirts and offered Alex to stay at her house as they needed to catch up on a lot of things.

'' So an assassin might have killed a spy?'' Alex suggested, a sick feeling building up at the bottom of her stomach

'' Possibly, cos of all the hatred and stuff.... are you ok?''

''I'm fine.'' Alex stood up,'' I just need some fresh air.'' She walked upstairs.

'' Alex?''


''The door is just there'' Clare said, pointing at the white door not 2 meters away,'' are you sure you're fine?''


But Alex knew the quicker she returned to the bottom of Shandar, the better- for Femke's sake.

Taking a step outside, Alex looked for the nearest market that sold dishes and kitchen stuff. She would obviously need something to defend herself with, if she bumps into an assassin. As if by luck, she didn't need to walk far, as on the ground she found a belt-knife abandoned by its owner. Picking it up, she slid it into her sheath, but she did not notice the blood stains on the tip of the knife that could get her into trouble...




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