spies and assassins-The Prolouge

Join two of the world's greatest spies, Femke and Alex, as they hunt down their enemy assassin, Shalidar. However, Femke is 'assassinated' and without her help, Alex sees very little point and gain in completing the mission as she is not very experienced. The fate of Shandar hangs by a thread. To restore order, Alex must pay a terrible price...

This is the first book in the series..
watch out for the second book coming out soon...



'' We have found a match!''

'' Really? That's great!'' Alex exclaimed. She finally could get some information to Femke and will be some sort of help.

'' The DNA on the hilt of the knife matches a young lad called Reynik.'' the officer continued. Alex's blood froze. Surley he didn't mean Reynik.

'' Do you know him or have heard of him?'' the officer said suspiciously, raising her left eyebrow in quizzical fashion as if she had heard Alex's thoughts.

 '' I guess...'' Alex responded reluctantly.

'' Then what can make me so sure that you do not work for him? That you dont murder people too?''

'' I'm in a different city for one''

'' You could be working at a different branch'' the officer pointed out.

Alex didnt know what to say to that one. She was thinking of a suitable answer when the officer spoke again.

'' I'm afraid we have to hold you captive as we are not sure if you are genuine in your response. Please dont make this difficult as we dont need more bloodshed. My men will take you to your cell. If we dont have any evidence that you're not part of Reynik's plans in 3 days, we will kill you.''

Alex felt two strong hands twist her round and she screamed. The police were taking her to her cell.




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