spies and assassins-The Prolouge

Join two of the world's greatest spies, Femke and Alex, as they hunt down their enemy assassin, Shalidar. However, Femke is 'assassinated' and without her help, Alex sees very little point and gain in completing the mission as she is not very experienced. The fate of Shandar hangs by a thread. To restore order, Alex must pay a terrible price...

This is the first book in the series..
watch out for the second book coming out soon...


2. Bye Femke!

'' Why me?''

'' Because Surabar can't get his stubborn head round the fact that I am better off alone'' Femke huffed. She looked at Alex. The young teenager was lying in a luxurious, king-sized bed. She was wearing a white t-shirt, a black leather jacket on top and a pair of jeans. A pair of sun-glasses sat on top of her head, where her silky, brown hair was tied up in a high bun. Alex's deep brown eyes stared back at her. Alex sat up. 

'' Is anyone else tagging along?''

'' Well, Reynik is. So are two guards, just in case Shalidar spills us some trouble that we can't clean up''

Femke  noticed that when Reynik's name was mentioned, Alex's cheeks turned deep crimson.

Alex had feelings for Reynik, just as Reynik had feelings for Alex, but neither knew that they had the same interest in each other.

'' Ugh, well I guess I better get ready'' Alex finally said, getting off the bed and opening her bun, letting her hair fall lazily down to her lower back. 

'' Yes. I'm already done packing and I've thought about how we are gonna get Shalidar...''

''mmm hmm''

'' We'll use deception. Always my preferred choice. I will once again be known as Lady Alyssa, and you... who will you be?''

'' I guess I'll have to be your maid then.'' Alex responded, placing a pair of green contact lenses onto her chocolate brown pupils. 

'' Agreed. I'll wake you up at dawn. We will use the palace horses to get to Shandar.'' With that, Femke left the room and entered her own suite. 

'' I'm hardly ready for this.'' Alex thought.'' I'm not ready to become a member of the Imperial spy network.''

She looked at her reflection in the mirror. She didn't look like a spy. Just an ordinary teenage girl. Ordinary. The word teased and laughed at her. She wanted to be ordinary. She abandoned all her things that she didn't appreciate. Friends, an education and family. She wanted them back.

Desperation taunted her. 'I am afraid I have to say bye to you, Femke.' She whispered. Then she ran. Ran down the hallway, down the stairs and opened the door that lead into the city. With her resolve hardened, she sprinted into the lower city, leaving Femke behind. Leaving revenge behind. Leaving destiny behind...

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