To love or not to love

Being in love is amazing yet scary. You need to trust your partner's feelings but how do you know, that you are not the only one falling deeper and deeper in love?


1. Mine

”You know what?” she said as she looked up at him and squeezed his arm a little tighter. “I really like you.” He looked down at her and couldn’t help smiling. There she was. So beautiful and pure, looking up at him with her baby blue eyes. “Oh, do you really?” And yet again he could not resist the urge to smile. He kissed her forehead and pulled her closer towards him, if that was even possible. Not an inch of air was between them. “I like you too chipmunk.”

They were lying on his bed. Him on his back and her with her head on his chest. Their legs and arms were tangled, as they hadn’t seen each other for a while. They had missed each other and were now finally able to be close.

It was incredible how only a few weeks of distance could feel like years. None of them had ever felt like this before. Contrary to popular belief, none of them had been in a serious relationship before and everything they did together was therefore a first for both of them.

“I’ve missed your warm body” she sighed. “And I’ve missed your cold body” he responded right after.

When do you know that you like somebody? Furthermore, how do you know that you love someone? They had now been together for half a year. Doesn’t sound like a lot but every single time he saw her, he would still feel the butterflies. Somehow, she made him calm and nervous at the same time. She was like a perfect summer day. Relaxing and beautiful but still, he had to be careful not to let his guards down or else he would get a sunburn. Getting a tan was nice but he was afraid that one day he would spill out all of his feelings, burdened her and then get a horrible red back. What if she didn’t feel as strongly about him as he felt about her?

She looked up at him and noticed that he was in deep thoughts. She kissed his chest and asked: “What are you thinking about?”

“Oh nothing. I was just thinking about what to make for dinner”. He rolled his eyes. Stupid answer.

She placed her face yet again at his chest. Why was he so quiet? Did he not like her anymore? They had only been together for half a year but everyday he still managed to make her feel special and loved. Never before had she felt so protected.

She kissed his chest for the second time and let her head fall again. Maybe he was getting tired of her and would like to explore other options? Was it because her boobs where not big enough? Was it because she had gained a few kilos?

“You know”, he started. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He wanted to tell her how important to him she was but he was afraid. Weird, right? She liking him was something he was aware of but getting rejected was still something he feared.

Without thinking about her actions, she quickly pulled herself up so her face was in front of his. He felt her presence and looked at her and she looked him deep in the eyes. She smiled shyly and kissed him on the lips. She pulled herself away again and confessed, “I love you too.”

He let out a deep sigh while trying not to smile. “God, I love you so much.”

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