Young Summer Love - 5SOS

What happens when someone young and famous decides to have feelings for you and you need to decide whether or not you have feelings for them too.


4. Out of The Blue


Chloe's POV

I woke up to the sun shining in my eyes because I had forgotten to close my blinds since yesterday I had brought someone famous aka Ashton Irwin into my holiday house, I was fully stoked. As I was walking downstairs I realized that I hadn't told Ashton my name but I had told him Chelsea's, you would think that he would've known my name first because he spoke to me first but no, he knows Chelsea's, no biggy.

"Hey Chels"

"Hey", "oh my god I still can't believe that you brought Ashton Irwin here, how did you even manage that?"


I told Chelsea what happened and how it happened you should've seen her face expression it was priceless, literally.

Chelsea and I both decided that we would go for a walk on the beach once a day, today we decided to go for a walk late in the afternoon and before the walk we'd go have a look around at the shops. As we were looking at the shops I spotted Calum and Michael walking together, and it's kind of funny because there are all these girls around but their not taking notice of them, I don't think I should tell Chelsea she'd probably bring too much attention to them.


"Hey Chlo, do you want to come into this shop with me?"

"Nah, it's all good I'll just sit out here and wait"

"K, suit yourself"


Chelsea went into the shop, whenever she goes into a shop that she likes she will almost literally buy the whole shop, not kidding. I was sat outside when I notice that all the girls before who hadn't seemed to take any interest in Calum and Michael, had now taken interest. They were all screaming Calum Calum, Michael Michael, could I have a photo, they were basically standing on top of each other just to get close. I was probably staring at the conflict for about 2 or 3 minutes until I felt a tap on my shoulder I turn around to see Chelsea standing there with ants in her pants, I'm like her older sister almost, I give her permission to go, she'll be over there until she gets a photo with both of them, so I may as well go and get something to drink while she struggles to get the photo.


I walk into this small but cosy bar/cafe, it's got a fireplace, a bar running around one side of the shop and in a little corner there's a cafe with a barista making coffee, in the middle of the bar/cafe there's tables and chairs. I make my way over to the barista to order my coffee, after I ordered I went to turn around when I fall on top of a guy. His piercing blue eyes staring into mine made me struggle to get off of him but I almost didn't want to get off him, I could tell a whole story in those eyes, I could stare into them all day. Eventually when I get off him and get up I help him to get up as well, as soon as he's up I know that I had made a massive fool of myself. I wanted to run home, forget about the coffee, forget about Chelsea, close the door to my room and cry. My body wouldn't budge, I opened my mouth to apologise but he spoke before I could, I felt so bad.

He shook my hand saying,

"Hi I'm Luke Hemmings and you are?"

"Chloe Rose, my names Chloe Rose", "I'm so sorry I'm not usually this clumsy, maybe this is my lucky day"

Stupid, stupid, stupid why would I say this is my lucky day. Oh yeah that right because I'm an idiot.

"Maybe it is your lucky", "how about because you look this embarrassed I take you out for dinner tonight"

"Ok" I could not speak another word you have no idea how embarrassed I was.

"Cool, I'll pick you up at 6.30"

"K, and do you want to know my address"

"Oh yeah, how else am I supposed to get there"

"It's, 87, Doormen Street"


Luke's POV

This girl is making so nervous I have no reason to be nervous, although she is stunning. I can't believe I forgot to ask the address this has never happened before.


Chloe's POV

Did Luke Hemmings just ask me out on a date or did he only ask me because he felt sorry for me?, does he like me?, of course he doesn't he's Luke Hemmings I'm just a nothing. I find Chelsea sitting down where I was originally sitting before I got up to get a coffee, shit I left before I got my coffee, oh well it's just a coffee. Chelsea and I were just about to leave until I heard my name being called.

"Chloe, Chloe, Chloe, Chloe", "you forgot to grab your coffee", "and see you tonight"

"Thanks and see you tonight Luke"

Chelsea was looking at me like what's happening tonight, I could already see the questions that she wanted to ask me so I think I managed to answer them all before she could ask me. 

"I fell on him when I went to get a coffee while you were trying to get a photo, I was that embarrassed that he said that he will take me out for dinner tonight"

"OMG, I can't believe that you're going out on a date with Luke Hemmings"

"Well I don't think it's a date"

"Obviously it's a date, you should have seen the way he looked at you", "We're staying here until you find the perfect outfit for tonight" she ordered.



I found a really pretty dress that was white with lace all over it, and around the middle of it there was see through mesh sort of stuff, with some white heels and some silver crystal heart earrings. As soon as I stepped into the house Chelsea made me start getting ready. I first had a shower, to make sure I smelt good, when I got out of the shower I blow dried my hair so it wasn't damp and put some trackies and a t-shirt on. When I got back into my room Chelsea was sitting on my bed ready to straighten my hair. After she had straightened it she did my makeup, natural with nude lips, I didn't need any foundation only a tiny bit of concealer and I was ready to go the only thing I needed to do was put my outfit on.

Since it was only 5 I just relaxed in my clothes I was already in and at 6 I would get into my outfit. Luke got here at exactly 6.30 which was surprising since he only had an address, Chelsea made us take photo's and it probably isn't even a date. I was certain this wasn't a date but he was acting like it was I didn't want to get the wrong idea so I didn't want to act too much like it was a date.

"Chloe all I can really say is you look absolutely beautiful" he said

"Thanks" I relpied


Luke's POV

I don't know if she's counting this as a date but I sure hope she does, maybe if I act like it's a date she will know it's a date, I'll impress her make her think I'm a gentlemen, do everything that they do in movies, I'll make her feel special.

"So where are we going tonight"

"You'll see when we get there" I explained.

"Could you maybe at least give me a hint"


I love how she keeps on persisting.

"Fine, but only one hint and I still won't say if it's right or wrong if you guess, so really there's no point in guessing", the hint is "It's along the beach"

"I won't guess but I've got a pretty good clue now where we are going"


Chloe's POV

You know what I think I'm going to count this as a date, but only because the way Luke's acting. We pull up outside of a place I have never seen before, he totally fooled me, as we walk inside of the building obviously he had booked it out just for us so we wouldn't get harassed by fans. He pulls out my chair for me being a gentlemen again and let's me sit down before he goes to his own chair and sits down.

"So Luke, why are you being such a sweetheart, aren't you meant to be a bad boy?" I asked

"I thought personally that I was always like this?"

"You do realize that I'm only messing with you, I know that you are always like this, and to be honest I love it, I wish all guys are like this"

"Really, thanks and I think that a male should respect a female"

Just hearing that made my heart melt and I think I'm almost falling for him, he always says the right things to make a girl feel special, why can't all guys be like this.


After dinner Luke take's me down to the beach, in his car he had brought a picnic blanket with some snacks before we sit down I kick off my shoes,

"I was thinking because tonight's such a warm night maybe we could go for a swim", "What do you think Luke?"

"But we don't have our bathers"

"So we could just go in our underwear"

I stand up getting Luke to unzip my dress, I slip it off standing in just my bra and underwear, next I take out my earrings. Luke just stands there speechless, I think I encouraged him enough to get off his top and pants because he did. As I was running into the water Luke comes up behind me and tackles me into a hug, I had nowhere to go. He then picks me up and throws me over his bare shoulder walking into the empty water, as he puts me down I lose my balance almost falling over but he catches me.

As I stand there with no idea what to do I start to feel to hands around my waist making me twitch a little, but without Luke noticing, I then put my arms around his neck, next thing I know Luke Hemmings is leaning in.

"Wait, I don't think this is right" as I put my finger to his lips making him confused.

I desperately wanted to kiss him but I wasn't ready yet. I explained to him how I wasn't ready and he said that he would wait as long as it took. We play around in the water for at the most for another half and hour until I decide I need to get home.

(skip car ride)

Luke opens my door to let me hop out of the car, as he is walking to my door, I turn around and passionately put my lips against his, he doesn't resist and kisses me back. After about 30 seconds we break apart and he had the most confused look on his face.

"I seriously don't get you, first you're not ready and then out of the blue you smash your lips against mine", "That's why I like you Chloe Rose"

I say goodnight to Luke before walking inside and getting bombarded with questions upon questions.



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