Young Summer Love - 5SOS

What happens when someone young and famous decides to have feelings for you and you need to decide whether or not you have feelings for them too.


8. First Date with Hemmings

Chloe's POV

I still didn't know how I felt for Luke but I could defiantly feel my feelings getting stronger.


Luke's POV

The sun had nearly set when Chloe looked up at me and said something, I looked down at her wondering what she wanted to say, obviously I wanted her to say that she loved me.


"Yes" I replied eager to know what she had to say.

"I can defiantly feel my feelings getting stronger for you and I know that I like you, but I don't know if I'm in love with you, I would absolutely love to keep going out with you, when do you think we can go out again?"

"I'm just glad that you feel something for me, I didn't want to have to go through saying how I feel for you and you not telling me"

"I'm sorry that I took so long to figure out that I just like you"

"It's ok, some people take longer to gain feelings than others do", "how about I take you out for the rest of the week, or at least until you get sick of me"

"I don't think I'll get sick of you because you've always got a surprise up your sleeve"

"So what do you think of the offer"

"I think I'll take it"

"Cool, how about I pick you up tomorrow at 8 in the morning?"

"That kind of sounds early"

"It's not if you want to do this activity"


Chloe and I walked back to the car for me to drive her home.


Chloe's POV

I thought just to be kind I would invite Luke in for a little while, by the time we had gotten back to my place it was about 9.30pm, Chelsea must of had a full on day because she was sound asleep when I checked to see where she was.

"What do ya want to do Chloe"

"I don't know how about we do some cooking"

"Are you serious, I thought you would never ask"

"How about we make triple choc cupcakes?"

"Do you have all the ingredients?", "because if you don't I can quickly go down to the supermarket and grab the ingredients"

"Na, it's all good I've got everything"


About half an hour later we had just put the so called cupcakes into the oven to cook, Luke plopped down onto the couch and I decided to join him.

"So what do you think of me now, I bet you don't know many guys who can cook?"

"Oooh, I don't know chef Hemmings", "can I let you know later" I said trying not to smirk.

"No chef Rose you'll have to tell me now"

"Alrighty this is what I think of you"


With that I pecked him on the cheek and ran up to the top floor sitting behind the door so he couldn't get in, I forgot he could just go through the other door that opened onto the walk in wardrobe, which then came into the bedroom. The next ting I knew I was getting picked up and thrown over his shoulder and put onto a bed. In the process of that happening I had squeezed my eyes shut so I couldn't see Luke's face and then start to burst into laughter.


Luke's POV

Chloe pecked my cheek with her soft lips and sprinted up stairs locking herself in the spare master bedroom, but I think she forgot there was another door that led into the bedroom. I picked her up and gently threw her over my shoulder placing her onto the bed. I had my arms either side of her head, hovering over the top of her, her eyes were squeezed shut I blew on them softly and slowly causing her to flutter them open.

"What did you kiss me then run up stairs?" I asked her.

"Why did you blow on my eyes?"

"I blew on them so you would open them"

"Well I kissed you on the cheek to confuse you, and I hope it worked"

"It did because I'm confused as hell and that's why I'm gonna do this"

"What are you gonna do ha, kiss me or tickle me to death"

"Hmmm, let me think"


I started to tickle around her waist making her squirm and laugh.

"Luke stop, I can't breath you're making me laugh too much"

"Well then don't confuse me"

"I won't I promise"

"You promise"

"I promise"

"You know what I think I'm a tiny bit confused still"


I slowly put my fingers on her waist again to tickle her but the second before I went to start tickling again I felt her lips on mine. It felt really good to have her soft, warm, plump lips against mine again. My fingers moved away causing my arms to wrap tightly around her waist to hopefully make her feel secure and safe.


Chloe's POV

I don't know what got into me but I couldn't think of anything else to stop him from tickling me again, so I placed my lips against his causing him to instead wrap his arms tightly around my waist. Luke slowly stood up, since he was too tall I quickly broke away staying millimeters apart from him for about 2 seconds and jumped up to wrap my legs around his waist and clasp my hands together around his neck so that I was at the same level as him and then instantly started to kiss him again. I could feel him smile into the kiss, which made me smile as well, I don't know what got into me but I started to continually giggle softly, when I was giggling my head fell back giving Luke the right to kiss my neck.


Luke's POV

Chloe started to giggle, she stopped kissing me and let her head gently fall back, giving me entrance to kiss her neck, it not only felt good kissing her neck but I think she was enjoying it too because I heard a slight moan come out of her lips. A few seconds later she placed her lips back onto mine only to deepen the kiss. I could have kept going but Chloe carefully hopped down mentioning the cupcakes, she then placed a quick kiss on my lips and skipped down the 2 levels of stairs to check on the cupcakes. I literally fell backwards onto the bed blown away by the encounter I just had. About 2 or 3 minutes later I took the steps down to the bottom level to find Chloe already nibbling on a cupcake.

"You want one" she asked.

"We made them so I guess so"

"Have one then we'll ice them in the morning before Chelsea gets up, nudge nudge hint hint", "speaking of Chelsea I'm surprised she hasn't woken up from all the racquet we've been making"

"Chef Rose are you suggesting I stay over at your place tonight"

"Why yes Chef Hemmings, do you want to quickly go get some clothes and general stuff"

"Yeah, let's go now, oh and don't forget the cupcakes incase while we're out Chelsea wakes up and steals one"


By the time we got back to Chloe's house it was probably 11.30pm. We covered the cupcakes with a tea towel and set an alarm to wake up at 6.30am before Chelsea so we could ice the cupcakes with chocolate icing and then get ready I had planned that day.

"Where should I sleep tonight" I questioned not knowing where I should sleep.

"Well maybe since we had the kiss upstairs why don't you sleep up there"

"Cool", "see you tomorrow morning"

"You seriously think I'm just gonna abandon you after inviting you over for the night?"


"Well I was thinking about it but no, I'm sleeping with you tonight"


"Well it's the least I could do since I stole another kiss from you"

"Do you seriously think you're stealing a kiss from me every time you kiss me or I kiss you"

"Well no, I mean yes, I mean no", "come on Luke, you're way out of my league or should I say limit"

"Why would you think that"

"Firstly you're world famous, secondly you're drop dead handsome, thirdly you're talented and lastly I wouldn't even expect someone like you to even think about looking at me"

"Chloe you do realize when I first saw you all these other guys were basically staring you down and you didn't even notice, so when you fell on top of me in the café I knew I had to use my chance and ask you out otherwise some other guy could be with you right now and who know's he could be an axe murderer for all I know"

"Do you actually mean that?"

"Mean what?"

"Mean what you just said?"

"Of course, Chloe you're the number one most important thing in my life, my band comes second"


She was sitting on the bed with me, I could see was starting to get emotional from what I had just said to her, I could tell no one had ever said something like that to her before and that really hurt me inside, she was completely stunning, she was smart and talented and she didn't even recognize it, she always found these flaws in her, she was insecure about herself and I needed to find a way to stop her from feeling like that. She needed to know she was the most attractive girl out there, I needed to get her to realize she was beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, breath taking and the list goes on.

As the first tear rolled down her cheek I pulled her into my side and squeezed her tight letting her know that I meant every word I had just said to her.

"You need to understand Chloe I'm here for you 24/7 365 or 366 days a year, you can come to me at anytime"

"Thanks", "ok, lets move on from this sad topic, what type of clothes do I have to wear tomorrow?"

"Casual, but make sure you wear closed toe shoes and bring a pair of sandals or thongs and leave them in the car"


I loved how she could change a depressing, sad or just any topic to a happy one just like that and lighten someone's day back up.


"You ready for bed?"

"Hold on a sec chef Hemmings just need to get changed into my pj's"


The next thing I saw was Chloe taking off her top and sliding off her pants.

"Ummmm, do you mind?"

"Sorry, sorry sorry"

"Don't be sorry just don't look, I'll tell you when you can look"



About a minute later I got the all clear and turned around to see Chloe in a cropped baby blue pj top that said 'sweet dreams baby blue' and short short short pj shorts that were patterned with the 'Nirvana' brand on them.

"Loving the look of the unmatching"

"You like" she said with a smirk.

"I equally love the top as well as the bottoms, even though the bottoms show your ass"

"Soz unless you wanted the nighty that shows my ass as well"

"What's with you girls these days and showing your asses"

"Don't mind me, I'm just a normal teenage girl trying to strut her stuff"

"Well it's certainly working"

"That's good to hear" she said now knowing that it's working.


Chloe immediately hopped into the side of the bed opposite the window and snuggled down into the bed, I jumped in after and felt myself sliding towards her slowly.

"And what do you think you're doing mister"

"Sliding towards you"

Chloe turned around to face me surprising me with a kiss on the forehead then the nose, relieving me from being uncomfortable. She attempted to wrap her arms around my waist but it didn't work so instead I did what she was struggling to do. At this point we were barely centimeters apart, I felt part of my self consciousness egging me on saying kiss her, kiss her, kiss her repeatedly and the other part saying, wait till tomorrow. I didn't know what to do so instead of making a big fool of my self and instead making a smaller one I just stared into her eyes.


Chloe's POV

I didn't know if Luke had made his mind up yet about kissing me but I had this gut feeling telling that I needed that precious feeling again of his lips, it was almost like a hunger, a thirst. I began to feel my self lean in when I saw Luke just simply staring at me, our faces and bodies were still in around the same place. If I did kiss him I could have made a fool out of my self so I instead started to play with his hair around the nape of his neck, softly twirling it around my index finger, that's when I felt Luke lean in and place his lips on my jaw line, causing me to move my head back and let him kiss my neck.

I moved my head back down to the level that I could place my lips against his, when he had figured out that I wanted to place our lips together he started the gesture slowly, letting me a little quicker place my lips against his. He placed his index finger on my jaw and his thumb under my chin to gain the dominance of kissing me, to be the one in control. We had been kissing for what felt like a million years, but was probably only a few minutes when Luke started to move down to my neck again causing me to let out a soft moan, I felt him start to softly suck on my neck letting him leave his mark there to let other guys know I was taken. He started to move further down towards my collarbone, believe me I wanted to keep going but there was a few things that made me stop him, I place my index finger to his lips letting him know to stop.

"What's wrong?" he asked me confused. "You do realize you're confusing me again and you promised me you wouldn't"

"Well I've got a reason" I whispered.

"And what's that"

"Well I've got many of them", "firstly remember Chelsea's downstairs, secondly believe me I wanted to go further but I don't feel like now is the right time and thirdly I'd just like to get to know you more"

"Let me know when you're ready, at least people know you're taken" he said pointing to the mark he had left.

"What about Ashton, I still feel really guilty that I took advantage of him in the truth or dare game and now he'll see that I'm not available and he'll get really angry at you"

"Don't worry about him, I think he already knew that I liked you so I don't think he'll be mad"

"Thanks Luke", "good night"

"Good night babe"


He lightly kissed my forehead, then my nose then a little more firmly my lips and then pulled me into his side causing me to dose off to sleep. By the time I had fallen asleep I think it was about 12.30 or 1 in the morning.




Hope you guys like this chapter.


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