im Aphmau i have found out that garroth, laurence and aaron..... loves me its hard to choose but i cant choose aaron.... hes ..dead. but i think of garroth hes he saved my life 2 times one of them from zane he got stuck in the irene dimenson for so long for me.


1. Garroth The Hero

Mom: miha you must come in 4:pm. while i walk to the park i see dad he was with two men. Then one guy pulled out a gun and shot dad. DADDY!!! Dad:remember me Miha........ DADDY!!!!!! NO!!!!!! I runned home but nobody was home

i started to cry but then a boy came up to me and said: are you okay?? My family is not home

he said: im garroth you can stay at my place tonight if you want... im im 4 years old


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