What Happens Now?

A girl has lived in a lab since she was only 9 years old, and she has finally escaped. But will this do her good? or will it hurt her mentally even more? She is searching for someone to accept her for what, well, "who" she is. And she doesn't know is she can trust them or not.


1. The Beginning


     I’m numb and I feel the metal table against my bare back, a doctor peers over me, blocking the light. I blink out the drowsiness and focus on his face, I can fight the sleep and whatever drug they have given to me. I know I can. But eventually I couldn’t bare it anymore and just gave myself up to the drugs and shut my eyes. 

    I reopen my eyes to what feels like 10 minutes later, but the light being gone says differently, and I’m back in a bed where I can’t move. Restrained by leather cuffs. So, I’ve been in a lab almost my entire life and I still haven’t found out a way to cheat the restraints. A few moments later one of the doctors comes in, waking me from my daydream, The doctor gives my more drugs to get me into a wheel chair to the observatory. I hate this room, I feel so exposed. On the other side of the 2 sided glass are scientists, every Sunday evening they come to visit. So it must be Sunday. They don’t actually know this, but I can see through the glass, I stare at the doctors, soldiers, security guards, and scientists. They give me things to do for them like test my power for science, and for entertainment. Sometimes the army comes into watch me test my powers for a military exploration and they think it’s a joke. So I never get to go on these trips, unfortunately. I sometimes just watch the people in the other room while they prepare, I heard that there are very important guests coming to see my testing. I just look through the crowd and hope that I see someone special—

    That’s the moment when I see my parents. I shuffle over to the glass and look my mother and father straight in the eyes, they came. I’ve been waiting for this moment for what feels like an eternity. I whisper softly, “Mom.. Dad.. Why are you here? Why didn’t you visit me for the past 5 years?” I stare at them and all the scientists take one step back. I know they understand that I can see through the glass, I know they can hear me. Why aren’t they answering? “Mom! Dad! Please! Answer me! I’m so alone! Why did you leave me?!” I push myself back and hit at the glass. I can feel my face getting hot, I stare at my hands. I know what I am capable of I can do anything.. My heart is in my ears. I drop to my knees, anger and power surging through me, then I hear the people talking in hushed tones. I stand up and walk towards the door, Security tries to grab at me but I raise my hand and they drop to the floor with a thud. “No mercy.” I reminded myself.  I scan the crowd for my mom and dad, they aren’t there. They never are, so why now? I step through the broken glass, to a window. I can feel all he scientists, doctors and soldiers beady eyes on my back. I turn back to face them 

    My mother looks me straight in the eyes, “This is why we left you.” She gestures towards the building. I turn to see it. The window are all broken because of what I did. I feel someone close by, I turn and duck. It’s my father. He’s attacking me. He throws another punch aiming for my throat 

    “I don’t want to hurt you.” I say to him. 

    “Oh. Like you ‘didn’t’ hurt the other people inside,” he hisses. “You are a monster, and you always will be one.” I raise my hand towards him and he goes flying towards my mom. 

    “And I’m guessing if that’s what everyone thinks… Then I’ll just have to be that monster now. Fill in the assumptions that people make of me.” I snort. “This is why I’m leaving you, just like you left me.” I walk away and into the highway moving every car with a motion of my hand. I feel powerful and I feel like I can take on anything. 

    “BOOM!!” a gunshot, sniper maybe, I run out of the way.. And quickly move my way through traffic and across the way, and under the bridge to lose them. Eventually I head back to the highway.

    “Hopefully I got away,” I say to myself. “Now where do I go..” I think for a moment then I know where. “Edwards.” I think. I head North on I-25 to get there. He said he’d be there for me as support when I get out of that place. I’m only 14, I can’t live my life in a cell and be cut open for observation every 48 hours. I’m done. Hope he’s still alive… It feels like I’ve been walking for a million years. I just walk on and on… Does my mom ever think about me? Has she ever thought about what she did to me? Did she ever even regret it? “Probably not” I remind myself. “Wow now I’m talking to myself. Great.” I laugh a little. “Look what being alone for so long has brought me to.” I actually laugh at this. “I am hilarious. How did none of the doctors see that.” I just keep walking, kick rocks, counting the minutes as the time passes at a snails pace. 

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