There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


2. Who are you?

A old, but seemingly young looking, woman stood before her.  With her short pixie cut length blackish silver hair.  Scarlet had no idea who this old woman was.  This woman must be crazy she was wereing some sort of battle gear with a utility belt and guns strapped to her legs.  Oh, and who was that man.  He was a middle ageish man.  Surprisingly less muscley than the woman.  He too was wearing battle gear, but only had one gun under his belt though.  Who were these people?  Scarlet wanted to scream "INTRUDER!" At the top of her lungs.  But this curious group was stopping her.

The woman smiled,"let me start by telling you who we are, then I will tell you why we're here." She said.  Scarlet could only nod.  The woman began to tell her story but was tapped on the shoulder by the man.  She held up her finger as if to say" hold on".

They whispered for about a minute. Then she turned to me and said that she must take her medicine and it would only take a second.  

The man turnd picked up a long rectangular... Pill box?  What was this fiasco?  Scarlet could only guess that this woman must be some active adventurer trekking across mountains on missions.

But the man was a little simpler.  He was only there at her side  to make sure that she took her pills and occasionally help her in the mission.  

But how did she play into it.  Looking up scarlet saw the woman take a drink out of a flask to swallow her pills.  She set it down, and thanked the man she called mr.calls.  She turned to scarlet and only said three words. "You are correct"

" what the fuck is going on," scarlet thought exasperated"now this crazy woman can read my fucking mind"

"yes, I can" she answered simply.  She sighed and continued.  "First,my name is Susan, but people call me "granny"" she continued" perhaps you should get dressed and we will go somewhere quite scarlet"

" why the fuck should I trust you! For all I know your just some creamy stalker!!" Scarlet said finding her angry words.  

The woman raised her eyebrows as if to say seriously scarlet who would ever dress like this if they were a stalker and what stalker can read minds?  

"Makes sense"

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