There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


15. The visit with Hagrid

Harry, Ron and Scarlet all headed out toward the little hut Hagrid called home.  Scarlet kicked a pebble and Ron shortly after Scarlet had caught up with them, asked what he and Harry were both thinking."What happened back there?"

"Well"  Scarlet began "Put it like this he asked me if we were going to have any know since I yelled at him.... I said no sir, I dont think so sir.  Then I aksed him some of my own questions."  And she smirked at this.

"You what?!"  Both boys asked in surprise.

"I just asked why he yelled at Harry and me and why he called Neville an idiot....and blatantly pointed out that we are first years and have never done this kind of stuff before."

"Your Brilliant, you are!  And what did he say?"

"Well he asked if I was questioning his "authority" and I told him if I was then that is what I was doing...So he asks if I was getting Cocky...I was but I didnt say that to him....and he says if I keep my cheek at "hmmmmm let's say Zero.""She said in a mocking voices of Snapes.


"Yah and I have my very first detention at three tomarrow."  



"Boy am I gonna tell Fred and George, they'd love to hear about this"  Ron said in awe.

"You can tell the whole Gryffindor for all I care,  they'll probably know somehow anyway from all the other kids that I'm the first Gryffindor first year to get detention...with Snape of all people."

They all laughed and continued their walk to Hagrid's.  When they arrived,  Harry knocked on the big door.  They all heard from inside frantic scrabbling along with huge booming barks.

"Back Fang! Back!" Scarlet heard Hargrid's voice ring out.  She was delighted to hear his voice and as his huge bushy face  appeared at the crack in the door she beamed up at him.  He had them wait as he struggled to get Fang to stay inside.  When he let them in he had to hold the huge boar-hound's collor tightly struggling to keep Fang back.The room was just like she remembered.  Small barely house more of a small cottage.  Pots stacked.  A make shift bed.  Oh how she had always wished she could see it.  

As Hagrid let go of Fang the huge dog bounded straight at Ron and began licking his ears. Scarlet walked over and began petting Fang while Ron pushed the hound off him.

"Oh, Ron I think he likes you."Scarlet exclaimed giggling.

"Well he's going to drool all over me!"  Ron cried, but Fang only kept licking him as Scarlet scratched Fang behind the ears.  Although he soon gave up and rolled over onto Scarlet, making everyone roar with laughter as the dog was like a giant baby in her lap and the dog was practically two times the size of her.

 It was chilly in the small one room cottage.  But was in a way... perfect...  and it didn't really matter much when a giant dog lay in Scarlet's lap.  Scarlet, Harry, and Ron all loved Hogwarts so much.  But scarlet knew better than to get used to it.  Then it began as Harry and Ron began to continually complain about Snape in every way they could.  She could never have denied it herself.

"Scarlet just got detention, after she defended Harry"  Ron told Hagrid, even after Hagrid had profusely told them he was not out to get Harry. 

"Is this true?" Hagrid asked shocked turning toward Scarlet.

"Well yes.... but i kind of yelled at him in a way... only after he yelled at Neville for one mistake... I told him that Neville should go to the hospital wing.... then he yelled at Harry.  I got called back  and I was given detention.  Tomorrow."

"You should be more careful."

"I know.  But if anyone does that to my friends i'm going to defend them.  I can't just sit there.  But I'll be more careful.  If it will make you fell better.  I don't want to dissapoint you...''

''You could never dissapoint me 'arlet.''  He stood and came to hug her and Fang.  She was dissapointed in herself.  But forgot once she saw Harry looking at a Daily prophet on the table.

'' Harry what's that?''  She asked as he picked it up and Hagrid went to go sit down.

''It's the Daily Prophet.... there was a break in at Gringotts.  Hagrid isn't that the vault that we visited?''

Hagrid explained that it was the day he and Harry visited it and continued on saying that he would tell them nothing about it no matter how many times they asked.

''You best be going... down Fang.''  Hagrid said slightly iritated.

'' Alright. goodbye Hagrid.''  Scarlet said and got up.  Glancing out the window she saw a large Raven streak by she continued walking staring through the window she tripped over Fang trotting past.  She tried to stop her fall jutting her hand out in front of her face.  emediatly she swiftly turned her head to the window but the Raven was gone.

''Scarlet are you alright?''  Harry asked turning her attention away from the window

''yah.. I'm so clumsy'' she said chuckling sheepishly'' bye Hagrid''  then she got up in a flash and dashed out the door searching for the bird.  It was gone... but she had seen the bird before.  As if from deep inside her memories she stood in the middle of the great lawn panting and she fell into a  vivid memory she didn't even realize was there.  It pulled her in.  

She found herself in her room... her old room.  But it was different.  A crib was in the corner, winnie the pooh and disney princess things seemed to be everywhere.  But she couldn't tell if it was hers. that is till she noticed the odd wooden sky blue toy boxe with stars and other shapes of every color spread randomly over the painted survace.  

Scarlet was shocked but couldn't stop herself from going over to the large toy chest and sliding her hands over it fondly, and opening the chest to see what was inside.  But stopped realizing that she wouldn't be able to even touch the chest if this was simply a memory.  Suddenly there was a soft noise.  Like quiet breathing, and she krept over to the crib....and as she peared realized there was a chubby baby laying in it...hands clenched in little fists.  A little pooh bear laying beside the sleeping child that was obviously scarlet.  But she didn't dare touch her. For fear of waking her or doing something wrong.  She puzzled over what was going on as she watched herself sleeping curled up in a ball.

The window suddlenly began to slowly kreep it's way upward as if it too was trying not to wake the sleeping child.  Scarlet stared at the window in complete terror.  She concentrated imagining herself as a tiny cat.  Then once she realized it worked she slinked under the crib going as close to the edge as the very Raven she had seen in Hagrid's window landed on the windowsil of her old room. Then it lept off the window and transformed into a tall woman with short curly black hair.  The woman was Raven hense the form she chose to take as a bird.  Scarlet watched as she stepped toward the crib,  waiting tensly hoping the woman would not see her.  But Raven didn't notice a thing.  

Then the memory vanished, and Scarlet found herself stairing into the eyes of Raven herself.  Raven's dark blacks eyes boaring into Scarlet's green eyes.


Author's Note

I decided to add more to this originally short chapter.  I bet it's terrible but I guess it'll have to do.  I hope to add more soon still though.  With more characters in store! :)

I am still looking for more characters so feel free to add one or more anytime!  

Thanks for reading,

Scarlet :)

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