There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


11. The sorting

A tall woman greeted the children in front of her.  Asking them to follow her into the front hall.  The first years waited for what felt like forever before the woman called Professor Magonagall, who would be their Transfiguration teacher.  Scarlet Followed the other nervous kids into the Dining hall.  She stood in front of a huge room filled with the older children.  There was a speech and a song by a tall pointed hat with a mouth and eyes.  The sorting hat.  Everyone stood in aw as they joined in the song, they began to loosen up and have fun with the song.

When the hat finished the tall woman began to call names.  Mason, Lisa, and Melaney were one of the first to be called and were sorted into Gryffindor. There was a girls name that was called:Caroline Lansky, made Scarlet perk up and when she saw her pass she realized something.  This was her British friend who she had met once.  But the girl had no idea who she was.   Caroline was sorted into Hufflepuff.  

All her friends except Harry were sorted.  when Harry was called there was a gasp through the hall then whispered followed.  Scarlet knew exactly what would happen, and it did.  More names were called then it was her.

"Rucks, Scarlet"  She headed towards the hat.  Dreading what would happen.

"Hmm, this is curious,  everything in your head shows that you could be in any house"The hat whispered"It's all right here inside your head,  but where to put you, where to put you......."It stopped was silent.

Minutes passed the hall began to whisper and the whispers grew louder.  

"Silence!"Yelled Magonagall"Dumbledore?" she asked a tall man with a long silver beard that you really could almost tuck into your belt.

"Minerva, let the hat think another m-"

But before the man could continue the hat yelled"I cant! I need more time than that!"

"I see" Dumbledore answered stroking his beard"Ladies, gentlemen and Miss. Rucks it seems we will have to continue this young ladies sorting later" He addressed the hall taking the hat from Scarlet's head

"This way Miss. Rucks, I'm sorry this happened"

Scarlet said nothing but stood her cheeks becoming warm as more whispers erupted, and everyone began to stare

"Silence!"Dumbledore said"This is as odd for this girl as it is for you"

The hall was silent.

"Call the next child Minerva" he told the woman next to him.  She nodded slightly shocked and proceeded to call off the next name as Dumbledore lead him to the large staff table behind him.  He motioned for Hagrid to grab a chair for Scarlet.  Hagrid came back to where Dumbledore whould be sitting.

"'er "arlet, so sorry this happened." he said to her

She thanked him giving him a hug.

"I see you know Miss.Rucks" Dumbledore said motioning for her to sit.

"Yes sir" he answered "We met in Diagon Alley"  He said going back to his seat.

"well, let's see why don't I call you Scarlet, instead of Miss.Rucks all the time"He said winking"Don't look at them,  they are just freaked out"

Scarlet had been staring at the other kids starring at her. She nodded and looked at Dumbledore.

"So now down to business,what is going to happen is that you will be getting sorted after supper.  So you can go to sleep in a bed and you can get your house tie."


"Oh it's almost done just one more first year, then we can eat and you should relax.


"Ah its over" He stood and walked over to the podium, telling the students the rules and then saying the magic words as the food appeared.  He walked back over.

"Bone appetite" he said. And everyone began eating some students and even teachers giving her side glances as she ate."Pay no to them scarlet"

"I know but they keeping starring at me and whispering, even the teachers"

"I see, just talk to me, and eat, it will be OK." She nodded and they began to speak and tell jokes and laugh.  But soon the feast was over and the plates and food disapeared.  Dumbledore stood instructing the students to go to the dormitories. It was time for a sorting re-do.


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