There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


1. Strange things.

Scarlet sat reading on her bed. Nothing extraordinary happened to her except in her books. But what she doesn't know is that she has....sort of a gift. It's a complicated gift. The kind that can also be a curse. Just like every other gift right? But this one was... well.. it's called....Ok there is no name for it but it has too many characteristics anyway. But anyway, Scarlet's mom came in to tell her it was time to go to bed. Scarlet did not want to stop. "Ok" she groaned. "Dork" her mother remarked playfully. Scarlet laughed and took a bow."thank you, thank you, you are too kind" she drawled. Her mom chuckled and left the room. Soon Scarlet was in bed, drifting off to sleep. Boy,was it a long day. Suddenly Scarlet was startled awake. She looked around bleary eyed. She got up to look at the time. "God" she thought " the fuck, why am I suddenly awake at midnight?" She turned about to get back in bed to go too sleep. But something stopped her. What was it? A gust of wind, maybe, yes. But something else, that smell. She new it. It was on the tip of her tinge. She searched through her mind for the answer. Took a big whiff, she got it. Lavender, but there was something else about it she could not figure it out. "Never mind that". She thought" what is going on?" No matter how hard she tried she did't get it. This was no where near on of her fantasies. Take a small step to look around,and see what was going. She was taken back by what she saw, or who.

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