There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


14. Snape

The next day, as Scarlet woke and began to dress admiring her outfit.  And brushing her brown hair.  Melaney had just gotten up, her dark hair in a shambles and robes thrown on.   She began smoothing her shirt and skirt flat.   Starring st the mirror and brushing her hair.   

"Hey Scarlet what color should my hair hair?"

"Well, you look good in blue."

"Your right I do."  She smiled then scrunched up her face...and Her hair started turning sky blue.

"How does this blue work?"

"No i think it looks better like with a bunch of different blues like turquoise and like ocean blues."Scarlet told her scrutinizing the way the blue looked.

"Right OK."  Scrunching up her face in concentration again.  Her hair then flowing with different blues.

"wow you look amazing"

"Thanks,  Are you gonna change your hair?"


"You look great anyway."  Melaney told her.

"Thanks, maybe i'll change it on the weekend or something once.  When everyone is used to the was I look.  And BAM!  I look different..."They both laughed some "Everyone will be like: Wow! Who's That?  It will be hilarious!"

"Nah, I'm pretty sure everyone would miss your pretty face." Melaney disagreed.

"We'll have to wait and see. Com'on."  Scarlet said as they laughed and headed out to get to class.

"Wait." Melaney said.

"We'r forgetting something."

"More like someone"

"Lisa" they both said and ran up the steps to get Lisa out of bed.

When they finally got Lisa out of bed, dressed, and down the stairs Ron, Harry, and Mason were waiting for them.

"Uh girls.  You all take forever, I figured you'd take less time Scarlet"  Mason scoffed.

"Whatever Mason.  We had to drag this lump out of bed"  Scarlet teased wagging her finger at Lisa.  Lisa only yawned and shrugged.  They all laughed and stepped out of the portrait whole and jogged down all the steps till they reached the great hall talking to portraits as they passed.

On the way there whispers followed the boy lived.

"There look."


"Next to the tall kid with the red hair."

"Wearing the glasses."

Mason cut into the whispers"Your famous Harry!  Oh can I get your autograph."  jumping up and down waiving his hand.

"Shut it Mason."Lisa said "Leave him alone"

"Oh shut it you two."  Scarlet scolded.

And the girl was right Hogwarts had a hundred and forty-two staircases.  they were wide sweeping narrow ones,small and rickety ones,some lead to different places o n different days, and some even had vanishing steps you had to remember to jump over.  A whole lot to remember when getting to class.  And a whole lot more that if you did,t remember you'd be late to to class and lost in the huge expansive castle.  Not only that but ghosts, Filch and his cat Mrs. Norris.

Aside from that there was the actual classes.  But every teacher every class and everything fascinated Scarlet almost making her want to jump for joy.

Friday was important for Ron, Harry and Mason.  It was the first day they had not gotten lost getting to the Great hall.  With help from Scarlet.   Melaney and Lisa mostly messed around, only surviving the twists and turns with Scarlet's help.  

"What have we got today?"  Harry asked Ron as her poured the white sugar on his courage.

"Double potions with Slytherins," Ron said. "Snape's Head house of Slytherin House.  They say he favors them- we'll see if it's true."

"Wish mcgonagall favored us,"  Harry said.

The mail arrived.  All Scarlet usually got was a simple message sketched in simple print on a tiny parchment.  It read:


Almost like a threat.  She made sure to hide the note from prying eyes.  

But today there was something else,  a letter addressed to her in Dumbledore's handwriting.

Why would he be writing to her? she thought.

It read:

Miss Scarlet Rucks,

I must ask you to meat me tomorrow, Saturday, at 3.  I'm sorry to have to ask you to try and get away from your friends and keep this a secret.  There is someone who would like to speak to you.  And before this I'd like to have a quick chat with you and afterwards.  Have a wonderful day with classes and making friends.


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledoore

P.S.  Yes I have a long name

The letter ended.  It shocked Scarlet to see what the letter said.  But she folded it up and stuck both the notes in her one of her robe pockets.  Harry too had gotten a letter.  From Hagrid.  Asking them to meet him at three during the time they had off.  Harry answered yes. and sent Hedwig off.  

Potions ended up being a giant mess.

Potions was in the dungeons.  It was colder than the other classes.  Snape began with Role call.  And like Scarlet recalled he paused at Harry's name.

"Ah yes,"  he said softly"Harry Potter. Our new-Celebrity."

Draco and his cronies sniggered behind their hands.  And after he read the rest of the names.  He began explaining th science and things behind potion making.  Silence followed his speech.  "Potter!" snape said suddenly "What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"  Harry and Ron were both puzzled.  Hermiones and Scarlet's went in the air.  And the whole agonizing seed unfolded before Scarlet as he even ignored both they're hands.  And asked another question,Hermione stretched her hand high mine lowered slightly.  It was bad Snape was humiliating him.  Snape once again ignored their hands and asked a new question.  

And then cam harry's cheeky response.  And he snapped at us both.  Snape took away a point from Gryffindor as punishment.  The lesson continued and nothing changed.  He criticized everyone except Draco.  More Neville somehow managed to to melt Seamus's cauldron into an ugly twisted blob.  The potion seeping onto the floor, burning whole in peoples shoes.

But worst of all neville callapsed moaning in pain with red boils popping up on his skin.  Scarlet ran up too him ignoring Snape calling Neville an idiot. 

"Sir, he neads to be taken to the hospital wing!" she practically yelled at him.

He turned his black eyes on her anger written all over his face.  "Take him up to the hospital wing" He spat at Seamus.  But instead of rounding on her like Scarlet thought, Snape rounded on Harry. 

"You-Potter-Why didnt you tell him not to add the quills?  Thought he'd make you look goodif he gotit wrong did you?  That's another point from Gryffindor."

It isn't fair, Snape should have rounded on me.  Harry was just there.  EEERRGG why does Snape have to be like this.  She thought.  And apparently Harry thought the same thing.  


An hour later all the students climbed out of the dungeon.  But Scarlet was  called back.  

"Darn it."  She mumbled.  Melaney and Lisa looked back at her and wished her good luck.  

And watched her walk back down the steps.  

"Yes, Professor?"  She said confidently.


"Rucks, Scarlet Rucks"

"Ahh yes Scarlet rucks....Are we going to have a problem in my class?"

"Sir I dont think so but...."

"What? But what?  Spit it out."

"Sir... Two things.  First Why did you yell at Harry, when it was not his fault and call Neville an idiot?  I mean we are first years we are not perfect we will make mistakes and calling him an idiot won't motivate him to do better."

"Are you questioning my authority?" He raised.

"Sir if that is what I am doing then yes."

"Getting cocky Rucks?" 

"I'm sorry sir."

"Rucks, if you keep your cheek at a let's say....Zero.... We won't have any problems, but just so you learn detention tommarow at oh let's say 3 p.m."

"Yes sir."  She wanted to say she had a meeting with Dumbledoore but she couldn't she just had to send Dumbledoore a message.

"Now get out of my class."

"Yes sir bye."  And  she headed out.  She fast walked to the fro9nt hall and ran out to see if she could meet Ron and Harry.  She saw them and rasn up behind them and yelled.

"Ron Harry wait up!"

They turned and waited for her to catch up to them.


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