There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


8. New friends

Scarlet began to frantically try and stuff her hair in her her hat, but her hair began to turn lime green along with her eyes. In frustration she through it to the ground.  

"Sorry I scared you guys." She said to the boys sheepishly.

"don't be" Harry told her" you told me you were a metamorphmagas" 

scarlet smiled at him thankfully. 

"Wicked!" Ron exclaimed excitedly.

"thanks, why don't you sit down" she told him motioning toward Harry.  

"Thanks" Ron said sitting down.

it was silent in the compartment for awhile.  But then Ron asked scarlet how her "powers" worked.  She smiled mischievously and focused on turned her face to look like a cat.  She felt whiskers tickle her face and she wiggled her nose.

"reow" she meowed.

the boys were laughing like crazy bythe time she changed herself to a pig and oinked.  

She began to laugh, or oink with them wich only made them laugh hardest hey were so busy laughing they did not hearthe door open.

"ello- oh are you a metamorphmagas too" asked a girls sitting down.

"oh uh yah,wait you are too" scarlet asked shocked.

"yup." She said her blue hair and eyes turning bubble gum pink." And this is Lisa she's telepathic, oh and I'm melaney" she said pointing to herself and the pale blond and purple haired girl with blue eyes then herself.

scarlet heard a voice in her voice greeting, she was freaked out. And looked at the boys who had the same freaked out faces.

"sorry" Lisa said" I was just showing you, watch this" the hat scarlet had thrown on the floor flue onto her lap.

"wicked!" Ron exclaimed again.

melaney and Lisa grinned.  But they all heard a nock at the door and turned to see a boy with curly brown hair and blue eyes.

" Oh hay Lesa, melaney I was looking for you too" he said to the two girls.

" Mason!!"they exclaimed together

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