There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


9. Mason

"Would you two stop" ham son said to the two girls fondly. Turning to Harry,Ron, and scarlet. " yah I'm mason their brother" he said introducing himself .

"scarlet" scarlet said shaking the siblings hands.

ron and Harry then introduced themselves too.  After awhile they were all sitting and talking about what Hogwarts would bring, how they all wanted to be in gryffindor stuff like that.

But soon the conversation changed to blood and family.

ron had a large family of fury red heads with only one sister and 5 brothers. He was pureblood.  Harry was an orphan and a famous wizard who was a half blood.  Melaney, mason and Lisawere all adopted, Lisa and melAney were practically inseparable and they were all half bloods too.  When it came to Scarlet's turn she was nurvous.

" We'll um I'm a muggle born, and I no longer have a family". She said really fast.

they all began to apologize provide lay.

"What happened" Ron asked a little confused

" you don't have to tell us though" Lisa told her quickly.

"it's fine, um, they're not dead but they just have no idea who I am anymore"

"oh, soo sorry they all said"

The girls and Harry and Ron all got up to hug her.

"guys it's ok" scarlet told them.

" No it's not, someone obliviated your family and friends memory's that's worse than death" mason told her anangerfully.

"yah but...." Scarlet trailed off" it was not all of them just of me... Oh never mind"

"what who would do such a thing" mason said.

"ummm.....someone?" She said quietly.

" But who...?" He said sitting next to her now

"mason leave her be" Lisa yelled at him

"sorry" he said

"Waite you know don't you"

"guys stop ill tell you" she yelled then paused scared.

"are you sure asked Lisa concerned"

"yes, I can't lie"another pause Lisa looked sad." It was.... Me"Lisa and scarlet both looked at their hands in their

everyone was shocked.mason stood, melaney grabbed his shoulder.

"don't mason" she said pleadingly" you know it's not her fault"

"I know he ssaid melaney let go. Mason turned to scarlet lolled at her sadly and the hugged her tightly. Scarlet was shocked she thought he was going to interigate her or something.

Everyone grinned.scarlet hugged mason back.

they let go and sat down.  

Melaney turned to Lisa and squealed then grabbed slides.lisa shook her head. Melaney nodded.lisa sighed and shrugged. Melaney squealed and grabbed scarlet and pulled her out of the compartment.

they were outside the compartment.  

"You and mason" melaney said matter of dactyl.

"what is she talking about??" Scarlet asked Lisa desperately.

"she ships you guys like top one true pair"

" by god your crazy melaney"

"You guys are perfect for eachother,common" 

lisa only shrugged thought about then said"you guys would actually be cute together"

"not you too"


"we just met"

admit it you like him, loovve at first sight girl!!"

"she will make sure that you end up together so be careful"


"do yo like him??"


"yoooouuuu like him I knee ewe it yyyaaaay"

"shut up" scarlet said flatly ending the conversation.  The all wales back into the compartment.  Scarlet sat back on her seat huffily as the boys glassed at them lknowing not to ask. Scarlet's hair had turned light red.  She liked mason.  Mason could like her. No one except Lisa and mason himself.

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