There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


10. Hogwarts

Through the rest of the train ride the six witches and wizards talked and laughed, they got to know each other some more too.  The train had long since passed the city's and towns of England.  Now they were passing lush forests all around the train.  During that time too Fred and George, Ron's brothers had visited.  Making everyone crack up and letting them try their supply of candies.  After Fred and George left they laughed and talked some more and ate candy from the trolley.  Soon Neville and Hermione came to ask if they'ed seen his frog.

Scarlet became fast friends with them.  But not so much for the others.  When they left the six kids went back to what they were doing.  All to soon it seemed they passed through the invisible barrier to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  All students began to stand already dressed in their Hogwarts robes.  Each child grabbed their things and stampeded toward the doors.

 All around Scarlet, Melaney, Lisa, Mason, Ron, and Harry was a croud of students.  Finally they reached Hagrid who smiled and greeted them.

"Heller there 'arry and 'arlet"  He bellowed"You must be a Weasley, but who might yer be?" He said addressing then Ron the girls and mason.


"This is Ron, Mason, Melaney and Lisa."  Scarlet told Hagrid

"Nice ter meet yer"  He greeted said and bellowed at the students"Firs years, Firs years, this way!Follow me!!"


The first years then scrambled after the big bushy haired man.  When Hagrid reached the end of the black lake he waited for all the first years arrived.  Once they arrived he explained that they needed to climb into the boats at the waters edge in groups.  They climbed in and they learched forward when Hagrid gave the word.  The students gawked and stared at the water.  Scarlet stared a smile spreading on her face.  

She was so happy to be here and could hardly believe it.  

"Your smiling like an,idiot whats up?"  Melaney asked her skeptically then a mischievous grin spread onto her face.

"Dont. Just stop it."Scarlet told her. Melaney shrugged and looked forward again.

Finally they arrived the waters edge and all the students got out of the boats.

As Hagrid was checking the boats he came across a toad lifting up the toad he asked loudly"Is this anyone's toad"

Neville ran up mumbled his thanks and ran off with his toad.  Hagrid chuckled walked up to the huge doors of Hogwarts and with his huge fist knocked three times.

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