There's a new girl at Hogwarts that's not supposed to be there. This is Scarlet the brand new American wizard.


18. Detention?

On Saturday morning Scarlet woke to Melaney tackling her.

"Wake up stupid do you want to miss breakfast?!"  Melaney yelled in her face.  Scarlet groaned.  After coming back up from the embarrassing scene in the common room, she had pulled out a book and had fallen asleep reading.

"Shut up c'mon we gotta get Lisa or she'll be crabby till lunch."

"Alright Alright"Scarlet grumbled putting her book on the table next to her.  She yawned rubbing the sleep from her eyes then stretching her arms high above her head.  "Ok let's wake up Lisa."

Both girls ran to Lisa's bed tackling Lisa.  Scarlet began ticking her while Melaney jumped up and down yelling"Wake up you little sack o' potatoes.  Do you want to miss breakfast stupid!"

"Stop!  Stop"Lisa screamed between giggles"Stop im up!I'm up!"

Melaney and Scarlet jumped off the bed running to their trunks to grab cloths laughing like crazy.  Lisa quickly ran after them yelling"I hate you both!  Your gonna get it!"  Lisa couldn't help laughing her self as she chased her friends around the dormitory. They all stopped out of breath ca-lapsing onto Lisa's bed laughing their heads off. Once they caught their breath some.

Scarlet sat up and said breathlessly. "Alright com'on let's get dressed."

Lisa grabbed her clothes and followed Scarlet and Lisa into the bathroom to get dressed.  

"Hey you guys,  I think i might change my hair color today."Scarlet said thoughtfully fingering her hair.

"OHHHH!"Screeched Lisa"Do you want to do something big or simple?"

"Go big or go home."Scarlet said smirked

"Ok.  I say make it shorter.  Like from the nape of your neck in the back.  But to your chin in the front."Lisa said

"OH and you'd look really cute with like bubble gum pink."Melaney added

"Now that's big."Scarlet scrunched up her face imaging her hair as they had described.  Melaney and Lisa gasped at the same time.  Scarlet opened her eyes and gasped too.  She looked like someone completely new.  Then she got an idea and scrunched her face again.  When she opened them her eyes were light grey instead of green.

"Wow Scarles you meant big!"Melaney said."And it looks so cute with that pastel blue suspender skirt and white t-shirt."

"Thanks mels.  Now c'mon let's go!"

The three girls ran down the steps to the common room out the door.  Only getting lost once the finally made it to the great hall to eat breakfast.  As they walked between the tables people stared and whispered pointing at Scarlet.  When the three girls walked to Harry and Ron the two boys looked at them like they were crazy.

"Who are you?"Ron asked Scarlet.  Then turned to Lisa"Where is Scarlet?"

"This is Scarles"Melaney and Lisa said doing Jazz hands arms spread presenting Scarlet to the world.

"Blimey,  Your kidding right!"Harry and Ron exclaimed

"Nope, I am Scarlet."She said sitting down and began eating.

Mason overhearing poked her in the arm"Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure unless there's some other girl besides Mels and I who can change their appearance then I dont think so."Scarlet answered cockily.

"Yep it's you."

Scarlet rolled her eyes continuing to eat.  She looked up to see Ruth flying towards her.

"Oh mail"She said holding out her arm for Ruth.

"Bloody Hell how can the owl recognize you?"Ron asked flabbergasted as Ruth landed on her arm.

"She knows I can change my appearance, plus we have a bond."Scarlet answered taking the letter and note attached to the owls leg.  She stuffed the usual note into the pocket of her skirt and opened the letter from Dumbledore.

Dear Miss Rucks,

It is of no worry to me that you have gotten a detention, for you are young.  We have simply rescheduled the meeting to Thursday before quidditch lessons.  But I will speak to you on Saturday.   So as not to arise suspicion i did not change the day of you detention.

Have a wonderful Saturday,

Albus Dumbledore

When she finished reading she folded it again and stuffed that too into her pocket.  Giving Ruth a biscuit she flew away.

Scarlet continued eating and talking to melaney, ron, lisa, and harry.  Once she finished she looked up to see Fred, George, and lee jordan coming toward them.

"We heard there was a mysterious young first year."Fred began

"with bubble gum pink hair who sat here"George continued

"and we are guessing that is you.  Who are you"Fred finished pointing at Scarlet

"Scarlet.  Duh stupid."Scarlet said mater of factly"Who else could I be?  I mean did you see me with my normal appearance?"

"Huh.  Why didnt we think of that?" Lee jordan laughed

"Well it all makes sense now."Fred mused.  He looked at Scarlet in the eye.  They both looked away quickly.  

"so is that all you daft dimbos came here for or would you like to join us in the library?"Lisa said noticing how quickly the two had looked away from each other.

"The library?  Why are we going to the library?"Ron asked confused.

"Well Scarlet told us yesterday she wanted to.  You and Harry can join to if you want."

"Ya cause eight people going to the library will totally work.  The librarian will kick us out cause knowing us we're gonna  make a ruckus."Scarlet said chuckling.

"Alright then just us three will go then we will meet you...Where do you want to meet to hang out?"

"the courtyard."George suggested.

"Yeah its nice out."Fred said

"How bout it boys?"Melaney asked Lee, Ron and Harry

"Can't got other stuff to do."Lee said walking away "Cya"

"Me and ron will go.  Right ron?"Harry inguired.


"Great!"Melaney declared jumping up dragging Scarlet and Lisa by the hands.

"bloody hell those girls."Ron remarked shaking his head.

All the boys laughed getting up to head outside.


In the library the three girls scanned the shelves

"So what are we looking for?"Lisa whispered

"Books on spells,  wandlore, Or metmorphmagas."Scarlet replied


"Just curious.  If you find some put them in a pile on this table"Scarlet told the girls.

Once they had a considerable pile they sat at the table and Scarlet began to look at the books.

"Standard book of spells, charms, history of magic, hogwarts a history, Magical thinking, and history of wandlore."She listed of the books."Ok I will only take standard book of spells, history of wantlore, and hogwarts of history."She got up and checked the three books out.

"You are wierd."Lisa teased rolling her eyes as they walked out "Curious about things we are not even learning about"

"I know."Scarlet declared deviously"C'mon the boys are waiting for us.  

When they got out into the courtyard they looked around them searching for the boys.

"There!"Melaney exclaimed pointing towards the edge of the lake by a small tree.  The boys seemed to be throwing pebbles into the water trying to make them jump.  Harry seemed to be the only one struggling.

The three girl ran towards the boys.  Scarlet jumped onto Fred tackling him.  

"Oh!" Fred yelled.

Laughing like crazy she rolled onto the grass.  Pulling her book bag off her shoulder she sat up.  Fred climbed to his feet and picked her up.

"Hey!  Whats the big idea!"  shouted.

"Payback" He explained running to the water and dropping her in.

"Why you little!"She yelled pulling him down with her.  Everyone was laughing.  Melaney picked up Lisa and threw her in.  George threw Melaney in and Harry, Ron and George were all dragged in by Melaney and Lisa.  
They all splashed each other.  Screaming and laughing.  

When they all dragged themselves out sopping wet still laughing they collapsed on the grass panting.

"Does anyone happen to know a drying spell.?"Asked Lisa

"There's the Hot-air charm."Scarlet said.

"Can you do it?"Fred asked hopefully his hair sopping wet.

"I can try."Scarlet stood up moving her also sopping wet hair out of her face.  She pointed at her self and with a complicated wave a stream of hot air dryed her clothes. Then she did her hair.

"That's bloody brilliant."Harry said jaw dropping.

"well I like to know my stuff."Scarlet grinned and did Lisa then Melaney, Ron, Harry, George and then Fred.

"Thanks a million Scarles."Fred said when she finished.

Scarlet smiled.Then she gasped."What time is it?"  

"Almost noon."fred Said looking at his watch.


"what's wrong?"

"Detention with snape at 3."Scarlet explained.

"oh yah.  Right.  So why'd you ladies have to go to the library?"

"Scarlet needed some books duh."Lisa answered leaning against the tree.

"What kind of books?"Asked Harry.

"The kind you read."Scarlet joked.  She sat down next to lisa pulling her bag towards her.  Fred grabbed her bag from her pulling out her books. 

"let's see....standard book of spells, history of wantlore, and hogwarts of history."  He said reading the titles.

Scarlet jumped up. reaching for her books.  Fred held them above his head.

"Fred give me my books!"Scarlet complained jumping up and down trying to get her books.

Fred instead tossed them to George.  They tossed them back and fourth.

"you guys!"Scarlet pleaded holding back giggles.

"c'mon scarlet catch them!"George shouted

"Uh!  Idiots."Scarlet mumbled stepped back scrunched up her face turning into a pheonix she flew into the air screeching and caught her books in her claws.  slowly she flew down to the grown and turned back into herself.

"Bloody Hell!  That was Brilliant!!"Ron, Harry, Melaney, Lisa,  Fred and George exclaimed mouths open.

"thank you thank you" scarlet declared bowing dramatically.

They all laughed and sat down talking laughing about random things.  

"oh it must be lunch already."Exclaimed ron.

"oh right I'm starving!"  Lisa complained jumping up and running toward the doors of the school.

Scarlet and Melaney gathered her things and ran after Lisa.  The boys ran after them.


After lunch the girls and boys headed back to the common room.  Most of the gryffindors were out on the grounds so the common room was mostly empty.  Scarlet took her usual spot on the floor leaning against the couch  She pulled out history of wand lore and began to read.Fred sat on the floor too, joined by George.  They started playing exploding snap.  Harry, Ron, Lisa and Melaney sat on the couch  talking about school and random things.

Fred looked over at Scarlet and noticed her hair fall in front of her face.  Before she could tuck a peace behind her ear like usual he leaned forward and tucked it behind her ear for her.  She looked up.  

"It's real cute when you tuck it behind your hair but i thought I'd beat you to it."He told her grinning.

She slugged him in the shoulder"shut up weasleboy" 

"oy Freddy stop flirting with Scarles.  She could probably take you down with a spell or something in about threee seconds."  George flicked Fred in the head laughing along with Scarlet and the others.

"Hey Scarlet can I do your hair?"Lisa asked suddenly playing with Scarlet's newly bubble gum pink hair.

"sure."Scarlet shrugged.

Lisa climbed off the couch and ran up to the dormitories for a comb, some hair band and a curling iron.  When she came back down her arms were full. She threw everything onto the couch an pulled a table over then put everything on the table.  Then climbed back on the couch.

"Wow!  What are you gonna do to her with all that?"Asked Ron incrudulous

"Do her hair, stupid."Melaney answered matter of factly

With that Lisa set to work.

"Your hair is soooo soft!"Lisa exclaimed excited"Feel it!"

Everyone got up to feel Scarlet's hair.  All the while Scarlet giggled. Fred for good measure tried messing it up.

"uh it won't mess up"he whined

Scarlet laughed and stuck her tong out at him.  Lisa set back to work.  After separating the from of her hair from the back she pulled them into pigtails then knotted the pigtails into buns.

"Mels plug in the curling iron"she instructed.  Melaney did as she was told.  Once it was heated up Lisa set about curling the rest of Scarlet's hair.  All the while the others watched in awe as Scarlet's hair was transformed for the second time that day.  

"done!"Lisa declared unplugging the curling iron and admiring her work.

"How did you do that?"Harry asked incredulously

"It was easy."She said brushing off the high praise.  Taking a mirror she showed Scarlet her hair.

"wow!  I love it!"Scarlet remarked.  

"Picture Picture!!!"Melaney shouted darting up the stairs to the girls dormitory she came back with Scarlet's Polaroid camera.  "We enchanted the film so the pictures move.  Smile"she pointed the camera towards Scarlet and snapped a picture.  

"Make a silly face"Suggested George.  She stuck out her tonge.

"now everyone get in the picture.  Fred or george can you make it levitate so I can get it.  George pulling out his wand.

"Wingardium Leciosa!"He said swishing and flicking his wand.  The camera floated into the air.  Melaney clicked to take a picture and quickly joined her friends.  They took several more pictures.  But soon it was time for Scarlet to head to detention.

"Bye guys wish me luck!  See you later"She shouted grinning as she left.

"I'd hate for that beautiful hair-do to go to waste."Lisa insisted"Let's have party!"

"Cool!  We'll say it's like a back to school celebration." suggested Ron.  "We should surprise Scarlet with it though."

"Yeah.  Fred and I we'll handle the food."George stated

"Lisa, Harry, Ron and I we can find a way to let everyone know."

"Hey everyone in here!"Shouted Ron to the few people in the common room"We are having a party to celebrate back to school  after dinner your all invited!!"

Everyone in the room cheered.

"Now how can we tell the other Gryffindors?"Asked Melaney


When Scarlet reaches the dungeons leading to the potions classroom she opens the door and heads down the steps.  

"Professor Snape?"She calls"Hello?"

"Who is it?!"Snape snapped from the adjoining room.

"Its Scarlet you told me to come here for detention"

"right.  Well dont dawdle come in here." She scurried to the room.

"here sir."

"You will be Alphabetically organizing my potion supply store."

"Alright.  What time am I able to leave?  When I finish or...."

"You may leave when you are finished and I will check or once Dinner will be served in the great hall at which time I shall come fetch you and have you clean up.  So that the punishment might sink in."  He drawled.  "Now begin.  I will be in my office."  With that his robes swished behind him as he left her in the semi darkness of the potion storage room.He had hardly taken notice to her hair.  which was good she really didn't want another detention for distracting hair.  sighing she set to work.  Alone with her thoughts in a crowded messy room. 



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