11. What’s wrong part 2

Keiras P.O.V


Damn who knew blake felt like that i wonder what happened with him. Well here goes nothing.


“ i have ASPD” i said blankly “ever since i was little really i would act so different happy and charming one minute then angry the next. My parents never payed much attention to it the were always “busy” or some shit. My brother on the other hand took note of my behavior. I meat these people they, they were bad people didn't care about others other than themselves. Just like me the only difference was i didn't care about myself. We did bad things i would sneak out at night then in the morning lie to my brother about where i had been. He wouldn't believe me so he would get me mad which caused me to get mad but all of a sudden i would be nice and all. The main reason these people wanted me in there little “group” was because i'm a really good manipulating people and making them do what i want which lead up to a serious even. That day my brother followed me out of the house without me knowing that day everything went so wrong. My brother decided to get me checked out turned out i had ASPD he heard about this place and brought me here so yeah”


I remember everything like it was yesterday it was fresh in my head i'm just scared for my brother.


Daman P.O.V


Everyone seemed to have something to hide not telling the full story i mean i wouldn't either but it just makes them more interesting in a way. I looked at raven she nodded as if reading my mind “i -im anorexic and raven is suicidal. It started so so so long ago little kids so messed up always alone only had us no one else to help just one another. So much dangers we went threw but never left each other's side. We got into a good home not the best but  a good home we had food and clothes i was skinny to start with so when i started eating i gained weight. We got bullied so bad i got called fat everyday a pig it was so hard. I stopped eating and when i did it never stayed so i ended up in the bathroom dumping everything out. I hated it so i just plainly stopped i stopped eating everyday the teachers would ask me if i wasn't going to eat i would just say i had already eaten i don't think our parents ever noticed our sudden changes. Once i got so mad at this boy i was just so damn tired of this i punched him obviously i lost the fight i wasn't in good condition that was the time my parents wanted to fix me up that they saw my condition that's when they new.


Raven's P.O.V


I remember the day i found daman who would have known that day would change my life you know. We’ve been together ever since. The day i found him in the bathroom throwing up it broke my heart because he's the only thing close to a family i got.


“ all the insults i guess got to me. They always did daman would hold my hand people would talk girls would laugh at me boys would push us around. It hurt me the most every word every phrase just was always in my head my our parents didn't care they didn't even noticed daman stop eating they never noticed. Once this kid told me to kill myself that no one cared about me. I guess i thought about it and it was true i had no one but daman but somehow they convinced me that he was better off without me everyday thinking about it. Not one second passed without me thinking about pills, drawing, jumping. I tryed it more than once never succeeded. Tried it again and parents found out. Everything went downhill from there.


3rd person P.O.V

As raven finished their story daman and reaven said “no one cared until something dramatic happens” that was the last thing they said going back to pure silence. As each one told their stories the rest knew there was something big missing from their story which made them more interested on them wondered what it was about them. They eb]ended up falling asleep till the next day. They wondered if everything would be the same tomorrow or not would they just ignore each other or not. They decided to just leave it till the next day, they next day

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