10. What’s wrong part 1

Phoenix  P.O.V

I guess i'll go first then i thought “well i have Pyromania i was a troublemaker when i was young i would sneak out. One of my friends gave me a lighter and i started setting fire to random things. When i got home i would light something on fire it helped me relax somehow it calmed me down. Everything was fun and games for me but you know what they say everything good has to come to an end. It only takes one mistake of yours to ruin your life and look where i ended up” flashbacks to that day came back faster than i expected everything was so messed up and it was because of me.


Aryans P.O.V


Phoenix story was interesting it gave me courage to say what my problem was so i did “i was diagnosed with blood lust” i said “when i was a kid if someone would get me mad or something like that i would get the urge to stab them. Once when i was like 14 i did it was a boy named justen he was my best friend i told him a secret and he started making fun of me because of it. I ended up stabbing him with a pencil the blood just drawed me in it just felt, it felt right somehow. After that i did it more often stabbing people that made fun of me or just for fun seeing the blood run down from where i had stabbed them gave me this rush and i loved how it made me feel safe somehow  but something had to ruin the fun and now i'm here away from everyone i know” i finished. I remember stabbing justen no one would talk to me because they were scared but like phoenix said everything fun comes to an end but mine was imprinted in my head forever.


Blake P.O.V

As i was listening to their stories i new they weren't telling all if the story but i mean why would they open up to random kids they don't know. I guess i should go

“ i-i” i sighed “i have a severe depression” i finally said

“you know when your small nothing really bothers you it's all just fun and games but for me it was different i had problems at school with bullying because of my eyes and home at home to. i felt something was missing but didn't know what i hated no i hate myself always being put down. Never being the first choice for anything. Have you guys ever looked in the mirror and try to convince yourself you're not a freak when all you see is exactly that then you look at yourself you just want to look away because you hait what you're seeing you have this hatred for yourself and other people just don't make it better. Knowing you don't matter to half of the people that are supposed to love you no matter what. Seeing them give the love they never gave you to someone else. Have you ever left so got damn empty that all your feelings are so messed you don't know what to feel. In the end you just end up smiling acting like you're fine. Nothing was fine i decided to tell my parents some news. I knew my dad was going to be mad but i did it anyway. After that my problems just increased at home one day my dad found out about my condition and just everything went to hell everything was hell. It only takes one thing about yourself to make everything so much worst. The day the only person that probably actually cared for me left me. That was the day i just gaven up. It wasn't worth it anymore life wasn't worth it anymore” as i was saying all this it hurt because this was my life my life was never a happy one but still traumatized me and now look at where i am. Of Course i didn't say all the story they didn't need to know the whole story they don't care. “You got bullied for your eyes” aryan asked “yeah” i simply said “well i like them they make you different in a good way” he said turning his head towards me and smiling. I smiled back this was a genuine smile waw forgot how that felt.

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