8. Meeting them

Phoenix P.O.V


Knock knock


“breakfast time” someone yelled threw the other side of the door waking me up. I groaned and rolled out of my bed i remember coming back from the cafeteria took a long walk and then coming back changing into some pjs and finally dropping dead. I changed and then walked out towards the cafeteria. Like yesterday i sat by myself i looked around because i mean i don’t know anyone here. As i was looking around i saw a girl trying to get a boy to eat a piece of a pancake he hesitantly opened his mouth and she fed him she watched him till he swallowed it she looked satisfied. This kept going for a while but i honestly didn't care. I got some breakfast because well i was hungry as fuck. The food wasn't that bad if you asked me i thought it would be like school food but no it wasn't it actually tasted like well food.


After breakfast was over i went back to my room considering i didn't take any meads. I was unpacking sins last night i didn't do shit. I took my phone out followed by my charger with a lighter i managed to sneak past my “mom”. “I know that they are going to take it away” i said to myself “what if i put it under my bed” i stepped on a wood piece on the floor and it lifted “or i can just hide it here” i thought i squeezed it under the floor  tile and then put it back to where it was “ha smartness” i laughed at that because we all know i'm definitely not smart.


Raven P.O.V


Me and daman went to take our meds after that we walked to the meeting room we had the first hour with other kids. We walked into the room hand getting some stares from other kids daman gave me a small smile telling me it was going to be okay so i just nodded. We took a seat next to each other then the “meeting” started.  

“Hello guys i'm mr olson i'll be your teacher i guess you can say that i know you guys dont wont believe me when i say this but trust me it true this is your safe place if you don't need to worry about getting made fun of because we are all here for the same reason okay alright. We are going to start to by saying our names and why we are here okay” he said giving us a sweet smile


A few kids when first then it got time for me and daman to say our names and why we were here but we didn't say anything i wasn't about to say what got me here it took me forever to trust people and i know daman is doing the same. “It's fine if you guys don't want to share i know how hard it is to open up and trust but don't be scared we are in a safe place here okay” mr olson said giving us a reassuring smile. We weren't the only kids that didn't share a girl with red hair, a boy with different color eyes, a girl with pretty blue eyes, followed by a boy with honey colored hair did the same thing as us and stayed quiet.



I zoned out for half of the meeting just thinking about jordan yeah he showed me around he was nice. I wonder why he's here? He said he was going to meet me after my session. After the session i had classes even here you have to get an education i thought this would give us a break but guess i was wrong. I was currently walking with jordan to my first class of the day “so how was your session” he asked “eh not really my thing but i guess i'll get used to it” i said truthfully “ok so here's your class and now i will leave have fun catch you around” he said waving bye at me as i did the same.

I walked into the class and saw the same 5 kids that didn't speak at the “meeting” two of them were together in the back, the girl with read hair the boy with two colored eyes and the skinny light brown haired boy. I wonder who they are.

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