Midnight Thoughts

I was told that my dad was a criminal. A no good dirty rotten guy who deserved no less than the worst. That he was so bad and so stupid that we wasn't worth the time and effort of being in a relationship. At least that's what my mom said. And I believed her every word.


3. What's Wrong?

I hear the doorbell ring downstairs and I race down the stairs to answer it. I open the door and stand back dumbfounded. I have never seen these people before in my life. But that older guy looks familiar. I think to myself as I examine each of the 3 guys in my doorway. One looks to be about 35 with black curly hair, but a bit of gray in there too. He's wearing some blue jeans and a gray polo. The other 2 guys look to be about my age, 14 maybe even 15. They look close in age but not twins. They're each holding themselves differently. The first guy who looks 14 has blonde lanky hair and brown eyes. The second guy who looks maybe on the verge of being 16 has a Jacob Black style hair. Brown and cropped short but super cute. Both boys look to be serious jocks, and both are wearing shorts and a tshirt. They are all tanned and fair skinned. I looked everyone over in less than a second before I started talking.

"Er hi." I say to them kinda awkwardly.

"Hello." Says the older guy pleasantly.

"Ummmm...." I don't have any clue what to say to them. Do I invite them in? Do I ask them who they are? Do I ask them what they are doing here? I think to myself wondering what to say. "I...er...you guys new to the neighborhood?" I ask kinda quickly cuz I don't want to appear stupid I'm jus not sure what to do here.

"Yeah. We are." Says the blonde teen while looking me over. I shrink back in the doorway as he examines my wavy brunette hair, my tall slim figure, my bright blue eyes and my pink lips and face from blushing.

"We were directed to this house from the nice lady across the road. Is this Lizzy Millton's residence?" The older gentleman cuts in.

"Wow. Residence. Haven't heard that word used by anyone in a while." I say before I can stop myself. I start to blush again as all 3 of the guys laugh. "Heheh um yeah that's my mom."

"Oh good then we are at the right place. I wasn't sure at first." Says the older guy stepping into the doorway. I step back unsure whether to let them in or leave them outside.

"Why were you directed here?" I asked to break the silence of my awkwardness. The Jacob Black boy answers me.

"Well your mom makes the best food around is what we heard. Plus apparently there's a 'welcoming' party for us." He says while taking his turn to look me over. I blush again and he chuckles.

"Oh." I reply trying to hide my smile. I'm embarrassed beyond embarrassment. "Well yeah my moms food is amazing and uh yeah I heard about a party for some new people coming to our neighborhood..." I say while looking around into the kitchen to try to see my mom. "I'll be right back." I walk into the kitchen to find it empty. Huh well that's strange. I could have swore she was jus here before I answered the door. I think to myself while turning down the hall and checking the bathroom. No ones in here either. There's not many places that my mom would go. I next look farther down our skinny hall and see my moms bedroom door is closed. Mom never closes her door. Not even when she's sleeping. I knock on the door once and hear a faint reply "yes?"

"Mom the newcomers have arrived. They're in the living room. What do you want me to do?" I say through the door unsure of whether to open it or not.

"Just....jus entertain them for a bit. I'll be out soon." Her voice sound muffled and she sounds like she's been crying.

"Ok. Are you ok mom?" I ask right before I leave.

"Yes honey. I'm ok. I'll be out there to meet the guys in a second." She replies.

"Guys? Mom were you told that they were guys?" I hear her sharply intake a breath as she realizes she jus let something slip.

"No. Not until they arrived 2 minutes ago. Please go entertain them now. I'm sure they are quite bored. Please keep the older gentleman out of my way too sweetie. I don't want to deal with this right now. I jus need some time alone. You can finish cooking there's not much more to do anyway." She sniffles and I hear her bury her head in something.

"Ok mom. I love you." I answer back, before I walk away. Keep the older guy away? You can't deal with this right now? She needs some time alone? Mom hates being alone. I hope she's ok.

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