Midnight Thoughts

I was told that my dad was a criminal. A no good dirty rotten guy who deserved no less than the worst. That he was so bad and so stupid that we wasn't worth the time and effort of being in a relationship. At least that's what my mom said. And I believed her every word.


5. Nicknames and Names

I follow Jacob Boy and stare at the door expectantly, waiting for the secret knock me and Alec made up when we were 3. It comes after 6 minutes of me staring at the door impatiently. Jacob guy staring at me awkwardly. The blonde guy just watching us boredly, and the older guy watching the tv.

*knock knock knock*

I jump up and answer the door.

"Alec!" I yell, hugging him fiercely.

"Hullo Angel!" Alec hugs me close and then look at the audience of Jacob, Blondey, and Old Guy.

"So who are you guys?" He asks to break the awkward silence. I let go, but lead him to the couch to sit next to me.

"Oh! Dear me! We never did introduce ourselves did we?" Old Guy chuckles. I give Alec a look. He smiles, knowing that me being me, I gave them all little nicknames, and that no matter what their actual names are, I will never stop calling them their nicknames. Alec's nickname has been and will always be, Frosting. Because when we were 6, he ate all my frosting and his face was covered in it for days. Ah it was hilarious.

"Well my name is Charlie Ray Hamillton." Old Guy says holding out his hand towards me and Alec. Alec steps in and shakes his hand for me, because I don't like to shake peoples hands. Once when I was 8, this clown had me shake his hand and when I did, this ketchup squirted out of his hand and it looked so similar to blood, I am now scared of clowns and shaking peoples hands.

"I'm Ethan." Says Jacob Boy. He doesn't hold out his hand, but he gives Alec some time of wary look, apparently not taking kindly to my closeness with him.

"And I happen to be Evan." Says the Blonde, smirking at us. I smile back as mockingly as I could and then got up and led Alec into the kitchen by his hand.

"I need to cook for the meal and whatnot. Mom is not doing very well today." I say under my breath close to his ear.

"What do you mean?" His voice is filled with worry and concern for my mom and it makes me so happy. My mom is like Alec's second mom and that makes me feel so awesome.

"Well she's eaten all of our ice cream and she hasn't come out of her room once since Old Guy and them got here."

"Old Guy?" He raises his eyebrows.

"What? It was short notice and it just kinda happened ok?"

"Haha ok." He laughs softly and turns toward the hallway. "Lemme see if I can talk to her." I nod at him and turn my back on the hallway and focus all my attention into the task at hand....cooking a meal for about 300 people all by myself.

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