Midnight Thoughts

I was told that my dad was a criminal. A no good dirty rotten guy who deserved no less than the worst. That he was so bad and so stupid that we wasn't worth the time and effort of being in a relationship. At least that's what my mom said. And I believed her every word.


2. Alec

I open my eyes to the sunlight streaming in through the window, through my open curtains. Why are my curtains opened? I always have them closed! Oh well maybe mom opened them...she knows I hate them open though.I get up and close them tightly making sure that they are closed. I go down the winding stairs and enter the kitchen. I enter under our little archway to see my mom bustling around the kitchen busy as a bee. We have granite countertops and there is almost no free space on any of our 6 counters. I walk over to the cupboard above the microwave and pull out some cereal. Then I walk over to the fridge and get some milk. Avoiding my mom and her 'get down to business' attitude. I then sit down at our white wood table with the black lace tablecloth and a clear plastic over the cloth to keep it neat. After pouring my cereal and milk and eating a couple of bites, I realize I have no idea where my phone is.

"Mom?" I ask in between bites of food. "Where's my phone?"

"It was on the table but I moved it to the steps." She answers me while not looking up, one hand mixing something in a bowl, the other hand stirring a pot on the stove, her eyes reading a recipe book on a stand I for her for Christmas.

"Ok. Thanks momma." I say as I stand back up and head back towards the stairs. The stairs lead toward the attic. A very nice blue carpeted room, with a floral wallpaper, of black dark green, and maroon. Aka my bedroom. I have exactly 3 dressers and at least 15 shelves. All the shelves are overflowing with books, and that's on only one dresser. That one is on the back wall. The second dresser, is on my right. It has my ceramic flower collection on it. In every drawer though, is notebooks. All mine. I love to write. Poetry is my favorite. Fantasy is my favorite reading material though. The third dresser to my left, has all my clothes in it. On the top of it is my jewelry. Then I have my nightstand next to my bed, which my bed is in the exact middle of our extremely large attic. I have a walk in closet, and a window at the end of it that opens. I can climb out the window and climb down the tree that's right there. I can also climb back in through the window. I do this everyday because climbing trees is so much fun and climbing into my bedroom window is even better. It gets the adrenaline pumping. I go to the stairs and see my phone. It's a blue case with a picture of the Eiffel Tower on it. Going to Paris, France is my dream. The words "Paris Je Taìme" are written in the case in swirly dark purple letters. I pick up my phone and unlock it. I have 3 txt messages from my bestest best friend ever Alec.

Good morning bestie! -Bestie

So newcomers r in the neighborhood? -Bestie

Whats ur mom gonna make that I can devour? -Bestie

Lol. He's so silly. I think to myself while I reply to him.

Morning yup & idk -Beau

Sweet and simple is how I roll.

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