Andrews birthday

John Nesbit, a 18 year old gay guy who gets bullied at school, has the greatest moment ever when he recieves an inventation to the 21st birthday party of his crush Andrew Davids. This birthday, as John expects it to be, is anything but an innocent party, however, Andrew has his reasons for this.

I have made this story because i actually had a crush on a simmiliar hot guy on my school, this are just some of my fantasies, if you liked it please let me know :)

( this story involves bondage, sexual humiliation and some more sexual sadistic stuff, incase you are not a fan, i recommand not to read it. In case you are a fan, i hope you will enjoy :) )


1. The inventation

It was around 19.00 hours, i walked down the streets on my way to a birthday pary, i had never expected that Andrew invited me for his party, i was so excited.

My name is John Nesbit by the way, i am 18 years old and i am gay. The reason why i was so thrilled to go to this birthday party is because no one has ever invited me for anything, i wasnt really the most popular boy in school, not because i was gay i think, but i allways was shy and a little scared, that was the reason i was bullied a lot, I lost more of my confidence because of that. 

However, i had one light in my life, i had a crush on a 20 year old guy, or now a 21 year old, the guy that invited me to his birthday, Andrew Davids. Allways when we were at school, i peeked at him, he never noticed however. Every day when he came into the schoolhall, the sun shined for me, he allways made my day by just showing up, Andrew was a tall guy, around 1.80 meters tall, he was half New Zealandic, so he had a very hot tan. He had short black spiked hair, dark brown eyes and a strong jawline with a little facial hair, combined with his juicy lips made him a very pretty face at first sight. His body was just as hot, he was tanned, scarred from the military study he followed and very muscled. He wore some small traditional Maori tattoos on his arms and chest which gave him  a very exotic and sexy look.

But he never noticed me, i was shorter then him, around 1.65 meters. I was slim, still pretty masculine, but i had way less body then him, i had blonde short hair and no facial hair which made me look a little younger. There was one thing on me that people thought was pretty, i had heterochromia ( 2 different eyes ) my left eye was light green and my right one brownish yellow. 

Andrew was straight, and he never noticed me, so i was surpirsed that i recieved his inventation, but hey, you dont hear me complain. I quickley ate something and bought a little present for Andrew. Ooh i just hope he will like it! I arrived at the street were Andrews house was, his fammily was rich so he lived in a big detached house. His parents were on a buisness trip for the weekend so Andrew and his friends had the house for themselves, my smile grew in size more and more as i came closer to his house, maybe this was my change to finnaly make a shot with him, well, when everyone was gone, then i would be alone with him. I reached the front door and ringed the bell, i felt my heartbeats throughout my entire body as i waited the door to open. I putted my hands in my pocket, i felt Andrews present, it was not big, but i was sure he liked it.

The door opened, i looked full of excitment if my crush was 1 meter in front of me, it wasn't him however, it were his two friends Josh and Steve, both quite tall guys, about 1.75 - 1.80 meters, blonde hairs and big muscles, Josh was 21 and Steve 20. " Hey John " Josh said " glad u could make it, come in " I smiled a bit and took a few steps into the large hallway. I was hanging my jacket on the coat rack and followed Josh and Steve to the living room, I noticed however, that Steve almost forced me to the living room. " err.. guys " i said " you dont have to drag me, i can find my way, i wont leave or anything" i said, wondering why Steve and Josh were in such a hurry of getting me in. " he is really in for it " Josh smirked to Steve and both boys started chuckeling " err...what? " i asked. " oh nothing special " Steve said on a bit a nasty tone which gave me a shiver over my spine " the thing is, me and Josh have a great present for Andrew in mind " he said, i looked confused, what the hell did they mean with that " what is it? " i asked, " you! " Josh smirked, and with that he grabbed me, and Josh putted a cloth on my mouth and nose. I tried to break free from their grasp, but both guys were way bigger and way stronger then me. I started to feel dizzy, i think they put chloroform on the cloth, i still tried to resist but in seconds it faded away with my consciousness, until my sight had gone black and the last words i heard was Josh saying " i think he will love this present ".

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