Andrews birthday

John Nesbit, a 18 year old gay guy who gets bullied at school, has the greatest moment ever when he recieves an inventation to the 21st birthday party of his crush Andrew Davids. This birthday, as John expects it to be, is anything but an innocent party, however, Andrew has his reasons for this.

I have made this story because i actually had a crush on a simmiliar hot guy on my school, this are just some of my fantasies, if you liked it please let me know :)

( this story involves bondage, sexual humiliation and some more sexual sadistic stuff, incase you are not a fan, i recommand not to read it. In case you are a fan, i hope you will enjoy :) )


3. Humiliation

The guys around the cage took place on the couches and were drinking some beers, i just remained idle in my cage " if i am not doing anything they just get bored of me " i thought. But that didnt last long, i felt another little electric shock in my butt, i hissed and shot forward a bit. I looked behind me and saw Josh with a caddle prod laughing at me with some other guys. " dont think your of the hook little doggy slave " one guy laughed. I was still hissing and tried to recover from the shock, while i still heard the guys around me chuckle, but then i felt another poke and an electric shock in my chest, i hissed from pain and crawled back on my knees while the laughing increased. I looked to Steve who also holded a prod, and then it all hapened very fast i was poked on my left, on my right, from above, from behind and in front of me. around 5 or 6 guys stood around the cage poking me with the electric prods, there was no escape for me, no matter were i moved i was poked at all places. I saw Andrew in front of me sitting in a big comfy chair, drinking a beer and lauging at the sight of me getting tortured. I lowered my head and tried to make me as small as possible, trying not to get poked. One guy came closer to the cage with a bottle of beer in his hand " relax kid, have a drink will u " he said and poured half the bottle over my back, i shivered, it was very cold and the smell of the beer combined with my skin made me sick. All the guys chuckled again as they looked at me being soaked, " look at you " Andrew said to me " getting yourself so disgusting in my house ". Andrew stood up and opened the cage " time to teach you a lesson " he said and took place on his chair again, meanwhile Josh and Steve dragged me out of the cage again.

Josh and Steve dragged me to the chair were Andrew was on and pushed me on my knees in front of him, i brought my face up and looked my crush in his cruel dark eyes. " listen slaveboy, we got some toys here " he said and showed me his two hands, in one hand was a whip with 6 or 7 lashes, in the other hand was a stun gun. " now, just to make this a little easyer, you may choose which toy we should use on you " Andrew chuckled, i widened my eyes a little " you want to use a stun gun on me, whats wrong with you?! " I said, Andrew smiled weakley " we dont have to use it if you make your choice " he said " but be quick or else we choose for you " Josh chuckled behind me. I was thinking for a minute, i have never felt a whip before and to be honest i didnt want to at all, and i had enough electricity allready being running through my body from the prods so i wasnt in for the stun gun either. I opened my mouth to say something, but before i could Steve pushed a gagball in my mouth and tied the strap behind my head, locking me off from talking. I tried to move my tongue to push the ball out, but that was impossible. " well, did you made your choice Andrew asked? " I tried to scream " this is not fair! " but it only came out as humming " what... you want both? " Andrew asked smiling dirty, i widened my eyes again " No, please dont do that! " I screamed but it only sounded like humming again " really both of them, you can still change your mind " Andrew said with that disgusting grin on his beautiful face again. I didnt say anything anymore, it was hopless anyway, i sobbed a little, but Andrew didnt seem to care " fine, both it is " he laughed and with that Josh and Steve dragged me to the coffee table, they took me by my arms and placed me on the table. On the ceiling was a chain placed, with handcuffs on the end, Steve and Josh tied my hands. I breathed heavy while i stood bound on the table in the middle of these sadistic guys, i watched Andrew comming closer with the whip patting in his hand, but i couldnt see him long, a second later Josh placed a towel over my eyes, blinding me of what was going to happen.

I didnt see anything but heard the guys laugh softly and make themselfs comfy, to take a good look of what was going to happen. " nice body you have " Andrew whispered on my left side as he slided his warm hand over my middle and my abs " will be a shame if..." and with that i felt the whip smack on my body, i hissed from pain from the lashmarks on my chest " it will go to waste " Andrew finished his sentence. My body shaked from pain, this whip was not very strong, so it wouldnt do damage to the body, however it would leave a serious amount of pain. Andrew rubbed his hands over my dyes and over my butt " this one looks cute " he said and kissed it, on that moment my heart allmost exploded, my sadistic crush who just complimented my ass and kissed it with his warm, wet lips, i couldnt believe this was actually happening, especially because Andrew kept on going. He placed the one kiss after the other, which made me moan and the rest of the guys chuckle, the pain i had suddenly became pleasure, much pleasure, maybe a bit too much. I blushed as i felt my dick coming to life, i knew they could see it, i knew i was caught, but hey, with a hot New Zealandic hunk kissing and eating my ass i am not complaining.

" looks like he likes this kind of treatment " i heard Josh say, he probbably saw me having a boner. I gained a little smile and a blush on my face from being noticed and watched for this, but i started moaning loudly as i felt someones hand was touching my 7 inch cock. " you guys really choose an awesome present for me " i heard Andrews voice say, so he was the one touching me. That was the moment i totally lost self control, i couldnt believe my crush was touching me like this while i was bound and gagged, and everybody was watching us. I moaned loud one more time and felt a cumshot comming out of my cock, and another, and yet another, until i shot 5 streams. Everybody cheered and laughed out loud while i was recovering, god, that felt great, i never cummed this good in my entire life. However my pleasure was not lasting long, Josh removed the towel from my eyes " brace yourself buddy " he whispered to me and stepped aside, i looked in front of me and gasped as i saw i shot all my cum in Andrews face.

Andrew stood motionless in front of me for two or three seconds looking mad at me, my cum was covering most of his face and some landed in his black hair, a little stream was dripping of his face onto his shirt. Ironicly this made him look even more gorgeous. Andrew took the drip that was about to fall from his chin, laid it on his finger and putted it in his mouth " hmmmm" he purred as he swallowed my cum, i gulped at the sight of that. Andrew still kept eyecontact with me as he took his blouse off, in order not to make it messy, revealing his muscled chest. " so this is how u wanne play hah?! " he asked on a dark tone while he walked around me in circles, still with my cum on his face " just cumming like that in my face, and without permission " he said as the other guys smirked at me and waited for me to get an extreme punishment, and they were right. " i will show you who is boss in here " Andrew said and smacked the whip on my ass, i hissed on the gagball in my mouth, barley 2 seconds later i felt another smack on my ass, then on my back, on my arm, on my abs, on my chest. I screamed from pain, while Andrew kept smacking me and the rest of the guys laughed, cheered and applauded. When Andrew was around 35 smacks, he stopped and catched a breath. I hissed from pain as i looked to my body with my tearfilled eyes, it was full of red streams. Andrew threw away the whip, took place on the table and looked me right in the eye " dont think i am finished with you yet " he hissed and showed me how he activated the stun gun. 

My whole body shaked and i started hissing on the gagball as i saw Andrews hand go down and moving the stun gun towards my body. As soon as it hitted my chest it sended and electric shock wave trhough out my body. I screamed from pain, the gun was not very strong, i still kept concious, but that was the downside, then i felt all the pain comming to me. Andrew still looked at me, his mouth watering of the sight of me getting tortured, he removed the gun from my body to give me a moment to catch a breath, that didnt take long however. A second later he placed the stun gun on my chest again and on my arms and legs. I sobbed from the pain i had, but weird enough this made my dick hard again " oh my god " i thought " am i one of those people who likes pain?! " Andrew looked at my dick and started smiling " so you like this hah? " he hissed in my ear, and with that he placed the stun gun under my balls and electrocuted them. I hissed while Andrew joyfully fried my nuts " dont worry babe " he said " if you like it this much i promise you that i will make your pain last the entire night " he hissed. After a few seconds Andrew removed the stun gun, he took a cockring out of his pocket and placed it on my dick. " enjoy your boner " he whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek. Meanwhile Josh removed my gagball, i immidiatly gasped for some extra air, but the guys were far from done with me. Steve putted on the dogbelt on my neck again, released my hands from the handcuffs on the ceiling and started to drag me to another part of the room again. 

Steve and Josh dragged me to a wall were a large white carpet was on, it walked all the way from the ceiling down to the ground and even over the ground. Josh took some ropes and started to tie my hands to the heating pipes on the ceiling, first i was a bit confused, what are these sadistic fucks going to do with this. However it became more clear as soon as Steve drew target circles on my chest with a marker. The guys formed a half circle around me and watched me being tied up. As soon as Josh was finished he was going to the kitchen, a moment later he came back with a large box " time for some target practice boys " he said and opened the box, it was fully filled with eggs. The boys didnt think twice about that, they all took a handfull of eggs and cheerfully and laughingly took their position. I looked at Andrew who stood in the middle of the group with his arms crossed and a nasty smile on his sexy, still cum covered face. That was the last i saw of him at the moment because a moment later i felt an egg hit my face and break into little pieces.

It didnt take long before more eggs were hitting my body, i closed my eyes and just waited for it to be over, allthough it would take long. I saw nothing but i felt the eggs explode on my body and in my face, i could tell i was soaking. Left and right i heard the guys laugh, cheer and yell " little bitch ", " fucking slut ", " look how worthless he is " and you name it. I felt more eggs splash into my face and dripping of from my chin and hair, one egg that landed on my chest, dripped down and some of the protein juice touched my dick, who was still kept hard by that cockring. After a few minutes the throwing stopped and the boys looked happy at the result, i opened my eyes and looked at myself, i was a whole slimey, white and yellow mess.The guys chuckled as i looked at myself being all messed up, Andrew kept on looking to me to, until Josh said " shall we take him somewhere else? " Andrew smiled and shaked his head." nah " he said " he can stay here tied up for the time being, so he can think about the naughty things he has done " he said. All the guys seemed to agree. Steve placed a gagball back into my mouth, Josh and Andrew took a box filled with clamps and placed them over my entire body, i hissed with every clamp they placed on me. " guys the ball game is about to start in a few minutes " Steve said, and the guys walked back to the couches and turned on the TV, Josh walked away too, only Andrew stayed. He jerked my cock a couple of times while he looked at my messy, tied up and clamped body like it was a piece of art. " i dont want you to moan too much " he said " i like to watch the game without your bitchsounds interupting " he said and placed a kiss in my neck. Andrew walked back and stepped to the couches, he looked back one more time and said " enjoy your pain, we will play with you again whenever we feel like it " he said. Then he walked away leaving me like trash behind.

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