Andrews birthday

John Nesbit, a 18 year old gay guy who gets bullied at school, has the greatest moment ever when he recieves an inventation to the 21st birthday party of his crush Andrew Davids. This birthday, as John expects it to be, is anything but an innocent party, however, Andrew has his reasons for this.

I have made this story because i actually had a crush on a simmiliar hot guy on my school, this are just some of my fantasies, if you liked it please let me know :)

( this story involves bondage, sexual humiliation and some more sexual sadistic stuff, incase you are not a fan, i recommand not to read it. In case you are a fan, i hope you will enjoy :) )


5. Andrews story

I was showering with Andrew together, the rest of the guys were partying downstairs and cleaning up the mess. I stood against the wall under the stream of warm water as Andrew stood behind me, kissing me in my neck and washing me clean with a sponge " luckely its not permanent marker " he said as he washed away the swear words on my body, i chuckled. " errr... Andrew " I asked a little nervous " yes " Andrew said, i catched a breath and said what i had to say " did you guys only invite me to... to humiliate and fuck me? " i asked, Andrew lowered the sponge and thought for a second, he sighed and then answered " yes and no " he said " we did it with a couple of reasons. You see i know you like me " Andrew said, i gulped " but i knew you were allways kind of nervous and scarred " he continued " so thats why Josh, Steve and myself made a little plan to... toughen you up " he said, this made me feel a little weird but somehow sattisfied. " and besides, i allways tought you where " he said, i looked back surprised " but you are straight " i said, he nodded " indeed, but i noticed you liked me and to be honest, i thought it was kind of cute " he said " perhapse i am a bit curious " Andrew smiled and blushed, this made me chuckle.

When we were finished with showering, we got out and dressed ourselves again. I pulled my pants on and still felt the present for Andrew in my pocket. " err...Andrew " i said " i still have something for you " i said, Andrew looked surprised to me, " really?  what is it? " he asked. I gave him the present, it was a small envelope, but still Andrew seemed impressed " i wonder what it is " he said as i gave it to him and he opened it. Andrew made a soft gasp as he got my present out, it was a traditional Maori necklace, it was in the form of a fishhook with various ends on it, it was silvercolored covered with blueish stones " wow man, this one i wanted to have for weeks, how did you know? " Andrew asked surprised, i blushed and looked at the ground " i...errr... i kind of evesdropped you at school " i said, but it didnt seem to bother him, Andrew chuckled and gave me a little push on my shoulder " its awesome, i love it " he said and kissed my forhead.

When i was dressed i wanted to walk downstairs but Andrew pulled me back " not so fast " he said " we are alone now, i want to try out my present some more " i looked confused " you want to try out your necklace?" i asked, Andrew chuckled " no silly boy, you " I blushed " oh " i said. " unless you want to do something else " Andrew said soothing, i was thinking for a moment " well, i allways wanted to have a threesome with you and Anthony " i said softly and felt i was getting red again, Andrew laughed " your a nasty little guy, but i love it " he said. Andrew took my waist and placed his body close to mine " first we are gonna play a little, then we get Anthony involved, and we will fuck you all night long " he whispered, " sounds like a plan " i smiled, i wanted to walk to Andrews bedroom, but Andrew pulled me back again, he turned me around and kissed me with full passion on my lips, after a few seconds he said " thanks for giving me an awesome birthday John " he said before we went to his bedroom.  

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