1945, The Wedding: No longer placing a Little Girl in a /Dark Room. The past is now bringing back memories to several limbs, links opening up wounds that were sealed for years. A tall figure still stands in the shadows grinning at those who pass by. Creatures of the shadows roam the hallways, rooms with nothingness creates an atmosphere, a story like no other . . .


4. CH.4 - Shallow Waters



“After the whiteness faded into darkness, there nothing left except for white noise. This pure essence existed in the television, other devices, and several minds. All faded into darkness, white noise had taken the light with it.”

Sisters? Friends? Two souls mended together held away by the rusty chains. Rattle a little and you miss the chance to see it. Bring yourself out of the darkness, and you’ll just miss it. If you turn a blind eye; you will never see it. If you wait with a split eye, you will always see it. An injury like this takes more than a simple surgeon operating on your own pupils. It’s a gloss, an effect that must proceed with caution.


“Underneath us is something far worse, I fear that the walls that hold us are actually just barriers keeping us from seeing each other. There is never a moment where I can just breathe clear particles, it’s always the toxic ones that get through. My lungs can’t hold up this tent much longer…”’

Awakening from what felt like her first slumber, she drooped to the side of the wall drooling out a droplet of clear red liquid. Her other half split from her by the chains that pull them back to the walls. There is never a moment for one of them to stand up, always held down by the metal that forever rusts in the dead night sky. All of the hand drawings were left untouched, they would look at each one as if it was their own creation. One would sigh, the other would cry, and the last child would always leave the world with a final moan.

From the sleep she had gotten, the sounds that travelled in her mind for hours and hours, timeless- there was never a time where she could recall it being an actual real time. The recollection of her sister would never shine a light in the darkness- it would never reveal anything, all of these secrets hidden in darkness. Further one would dive, the other would surely follow.

“Do you recall the sounds that were going on last night?” She muttered pulling the chain as it tightened around her waist.

“Ah, I remember hearing laughter- he, he, I remember the clawing on the walls.” Her other half stuttered.

Pointing at a specific location along the wall, she ran her finger down the sides as she spoke out in nothing but whispers: “That is where it waits, where it waits for us to pull ourselves in.”

She gulped as she heard the words ‘pull ourselves in’ she could not believe the way it sounded. As in she had to pull herself into whatever it was? She had no idea what the girl meant by that.

“Don’t be stupid, the man awaits us at the final floor, I know this because of the drawings.” She tried to shuffle closer afraid that someone would hear her.

“Stopped again, you really can’t get over here can you?” She sighed.

Looking down in sadness; “I could, I have the ability to travel in that direction. From over here it looks far away, for you it looks very close, and I promise that we are nowhere near each other right now.”

Letting out a slight tear the other girl tried to touch her other half; “I know that you are a mere breath away from me. If I just reach out, you could feel my fingertips.”

“No, it’s not that simple. Even if it was you’d never feel my skin, I can’t feel anything.” She looked away from her other half in disgust.


After chewing on his bottom lip for more than an hour, for time that felt like eternity, nobody would give him a chance to stop. In choosing to do so; he would never have the actual motivation to stop what he was doing. Along the walls were others just like him, all with bad habits- some sucking their own thumb, some chewing on their own arm. And only two girls stood out in this room of silence.

One blonde with a scar down her left eye, turned away from him at night- he could never see the true wounds that were traced all over her body. Her other half- the other girl never stood out much, thanks to a flicker of light whenever the tall man would show up- he would see a few seconds of beauty. She would keep quiet for the whole time she’d been there for; never once speaking a word to anyone but herself. The boy had a theory that she spoke in her own mind without anyone interfering her thoughts.

Another young boy from across the room had a chain with pipes pumping some odd liquid into his veins. Every so often he would emit a squeal of pain- then going quiet for the remainder of time that was left for the world to devour. The boy had mapped it out in his mind, a schedule of when the child would squeal, and then the sound of birds would empty the sadness flowing in the room. Some would sing, whilst others would squawk leaving the room full of undying echoes.

When the first moon would rise, a second moon would fade away, then a third moon would take its place. Whenever natural light stood out in the room a tall man would blind all the children. Others had their own theories, their own minds made up- thinking they knew how the outside worked. This boy thought he had clocked it so well that he wanted to scream it to the others who would always be out listening. Nope, he couldn’t do it- the silence in the room was too nerve-racking, it was just too much for the poor kid to take in.

“Back to where you started, huh? Another bad day?”

He smiled a little; “yeah, you got it- you always know don’t you?”

“Figured, your face says it all. Nobody talking to you again? Is it that time again?”

“Nobody talks, it’s just screams here and there, and after that- I hear crying.”

“Not a fan of the first day? Not used to being around others?”

“Exactly it, except the fact that there is never anyone to take me in when the clouds are grey.”

“Weather sure has funny way of keeping you in the dark. I’d just sleep for now; you don’t need to think about this. Nobody does.”

With that being spoken through the dead silence; he closed his eyes and watched the world drift away.


Two young boys, twins with three girls who happened to be triplets. They all looked the same, and a shadow on the wall was the only thing to go by as evidence to prove that they all looked the same. None of them had ever seen their other half’s bodies. They would see the flickered light displaying five shadows- in their minds would be an image with lines that linked to who is who. They all had their own mind-maps, their own theories, and none of them had ever seen another person like them.

One boy with his stylish shoes chained behind the wall the triplets laid against. Every few hours of sleep they’d hear several knocks against their heads. Afraid of the sounds they’d one by one take it in turns to sleep whilst the other kept watch. The knocking would die down eventually leaving them to sleep in peace. One would always be sleepy whenever the tall man would come in with their daily feeds. Night feeds were given to them too; a woman would enter the room in stitches.

In front of this boy with stylish shoes carved into the dusty wall lurked a cave man drawing of a face of beauty. Two eyes watched over him, the hair kept him away from hallucinating- always following the swirls to confuse his mind. On his left arm remained a lipstick stain that would never wash away. He’d try to rub it off every time the tall man would come closer only to find that it would never truly vanish. The tall man was never there, he just thought that shadow was not his own.


“Nobody was ever supposed to be down here, or up there, and I’m so unsure whether my own daughter is up there seeking her own father to be down there or up here. I have no idea; I just want her to be safe. The shadow on the wall tells me that she is fine, she is fine, ha-ha, she is like a diamond in the sky…”

- Unknown

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