1945, The Wedding: No longer placing a Little Girl in a /Dark Room. The past is now bringing back memories to several limbs, links opening up wounds that were sealed for years. A tall figure still stands in the shadows grinning at those who pass by. Creatures of the shadows roam the hallways, rooms with nothingness creates an atmosphere, a story like no other . . .


3. CH.3 - Shadows On The Walls



“After the whiteness faded into darkness, there nothing left except for white noise. This pure essence existed in the television, other devices, and several minds. All faded into darkness, white noise had taken the light with it.”


A fountain of dark colors flowed through the vessels of several bloodstreams. Dark-ish skies awaited those who would fall into the abyss, those who would accidentally throw themselves from their own skins in order to save themselves. Every little drop of liquid spilled from an unfortunate soul would drain out the neat little gallery laid out all over the walls.

Slight cracks in these sacred walls, a few friendly faces stood in place hovering above the warden’s quarters. A bloody face descended from above with its eyes carved out each vessel remained intact. A plangent little girl stood between the worried souls of many. A tall handsome man who had the stunning power to secure those who’d leave. Tall, creepy, his smile crept out from the darkness. Always the grin displaying the kindness that this little tall man soon would shimmer.

“You’ve taken quite a fall darling, you’ve taken more and more of a fall my darling.” Its voice becoming deeper as it crouched down between her and her sister.

Looking up at the sharp teeth displaying out of its shadowy mouth. “I’ve taken quite a fall, sir, I’ve taken more and more.”

Smiling as he patted her on the head, the chains rattled as her ankles swept her feet off the floor. “I just want to tell you that I’m sorry.” She cried out.

“Yet it shall be taken in vain, I don’t want another sweet lamb to go pale.” He patted her on the head again as the chains continued to rattle more and more.

“Sir, I would like to see my sister please. I would like to see her in the green, the blue, the white, I want to see her outside tonight.” Her sister cried out trying to make her voice sound demanding.

Laughing in her face, the tall creature stood out of the shadows displaying how carved out face:

“Look at me, look at me so grey, so dark, so beautiful in such a way. It’s a real shame if you want to see a fallen angel sitting down with glee.” He stopped, the poetry had run off his tongue. “You see, I don’t wish to make you hate each other, I want you to be right here with me.”

Her sister pulled at the chain locked around her little ankle, she couldn’t pull herself free. The other one missing the other half to her wanting to be near her. The tall creature almost leaving them in the dark threw a flame on the ground between them as the little boy screamed in agony with the flames growing up to his melting face.

“Goodnight my dears, I want to see you bright and early next year.” Leaving them in the dying light, he crept outside in what they believed was Night.


All the limbs gathered together moving away from the old dusty feather. Their movement was sly, the limbs moving to each side of the floor, corners, backways, and even doors. Leaving behind their remaining pieces they continued to walk the halls in agony, seeking a voice to scream out in pain. Without this voice they would never be able to explain.

A white clothed nurse stood out from the dim light holding a bloody scalpel in her hand-tight. “Doc, I don’t think this one is going to wake up.”

“Don’t be stupid Elaine, I’ve taken its very core, if it moves you make sure that it stays that way.” His voice growing a little scaly.

Descending from the darkness above that loomed over the workers, the creature of nightmares displayed its true venom. Large claws that were enough to dagger through anything that breathes. Sharp vision on those who annoyed it, its claws dug deep into the walls that groaned in pain. The floor lay out as it landed between the nurse and the doctor’s worried faces.

“Little by little, I care to be in the middle, I’ve got such a way with words.” It screeched down their ears.

The doctor about to make a run for it held the nurse as a hostage. “If you don’t go away I will destroy the very work of this woman.” Worried, scared of the creature approaching- he held a scalpel in his shook-up hands.

“Don’t be stupid Doc, it’s not going to hurt you!” She tried to calm him down.

Bright yellow eyes lit up around the room, all the shadows gathered around the two humans remaining. “Now, now, I don’t wish for you to treat with respect. I simply wish to be part of you, buried deep within your FLESH.”

The nurse wanted to scream as she calmed her nerves trying to stand up to the creature’s spitting venom. Her body wanting to shake, the doctor still holding her in place, she couldn’t find the right words. It had taken more than minutes for the claws to dig out of the groaning walls, and as they sunk deep into the floor the colours around them died out even more.

“We’ve done everything here; we cannot save what is already dead…” she cried out as the doctor tightened his grip around her throat.

Scratching a chunk of skin from the doctor’s left side of his face, he groaned in agony with perfect harmony along with the groaning walls. The nurse broke free from his grip choking as she picked up the sharp scalpel holding it close to the creature’s next strike.

“You hurt anyone of us, any one of us, and I’ll make sure that you don’t get what you want here.” Tears flew out her eyes.

“Really? You are a mere foolish mortal to come between me and him.” It laughed in her face, “I’d wager your own soul if I was you, as the dying lights are hungry amongst the shadows.”

“You’re just a small feline, a ‘flea-line’ a creature full of fleas!” She watched the doctor fall to the ground bleeding out.

“I’ve taken out millions of mortals, MILLIONS of worthless souls.” It tried to strike her as it stopped to admire her bravery. “You’ve taken out a few souls yourself, I can see it in your core.”

Standing up from the blood-flecked ground she held the scalpel to her left eye. “I’ll carve out my left eye to prove a point to you, I’m willing to harm myself to prove you wrong.” She screamed.

Moving around her like a household kitty, its tail brushed off her frozen-cold legs, sensing the fear with every time they both touched. “It’s a real pleasure to see someone like you standing up for a hopeless mortal.” Licking its bony lips, grinning at her bravery.

“Save him, don’t let him die out on me.” She cried a little wanting to save someone for once.

“What’s this? That’s not possible, you asking for another chance? No, no, no, you can’t just simply ask for someone’s life to remain intact.” It hissed at her stupid but brave words.

Holding the scalpel closer to her left eye; “Don’t try me, don’t even test me to how far I’ll go to prove you WRONG.”

“Delivery, sweetie, that is where the true fear lies deep within you.” It made her freeze in place with those cold words haunting her.

Dropping on her knees she lay her head down on the hospital bed arms sprained out across the bedsheets. Her fellow doctor no longer blooming with life, now just another shadow watching others suffer worse fates. Holding in her breath she allowed the creature to rule over her, no longer trying to be the brave soul she once was.

“Strike! Three, two, one- It’s taken more out of you than I’ve taken out of that mortal’s face.” It smirked at the thought of the doctor lying dead on the ground.

“HE is watching you, and when he finds out where you actually hide away from all of us- HE will destroy you.” She cried into the bedsheets.

“Ha-ha, yeah… every single soul who has trespassed on those creaky floorboards are all buried deep.” Clawing a chunk out of the floor it melted into the shadowy abyss below.


“I’ve stayed in here for a very long time, the colour white remains locked in my MIND.” DEAD. “I’ve tried everything to escape this reality, I’ve tried almost everything to escape this tortured mind.” Nothing works. And as long as NOTHING works, NOTHING will remain.

- The Top Hat Man

Continuous groans followed through like a domino effect, all corners groaned out in agony. All sides screamed in agony. There was never a silent moment for the two girls crying for each other’s arms. The tall creature no longer with them, the dim light burning out for good. The burnt remains full of ash and dust made the room seem tortuous. All of the others lay rather dead or close to death amongst those who breathed in dangerous chemicals.

“I just want you to know that if we make it out of here, I want you to have my bed.” She whispered to the other girl crying behind the skeleton of a young boy.

“Aww, you don’t have to say that- we could make it out of here. That was the last boy, the others, remember them? I forgot their names already…”

“I remember all of them, they all had the same clothes.” She sighed.

“Nothing changes around here that’s for sure.” Her sister sobbed.

“Either way, we will make it out of here- I promise that you will see daylight again.”

“Shh- do you hear that? That’s the sound of all those who left us.”


“Sometimes a dull moment would come by, and we’d share this moment with the sky- as the stars soon invaded us. Our skins would leave us with our skeletons laying in a dark room left thanks to the creature of silent DOOM.”


Rotting flesh smudged in with the ink that flowed from above, all of the metal vents gasped with every dying breath remaining inside. All the escapees were rather trapped behind countless others, dying slowly due to the lack of oxygen- or even some passing onto the next life as shadows on the walls. There was no moment for anyone to breathe again, the air was always polluted thanks to the many creatures that left it that way.

Sharp spiked chains rattled along the floorboards as the traitorous kitty cat clawed its way through the thick cobwebs. Three little girls lay down with little water bowls that once had names on them. Whenever they would get thirsty they would clench for the thirst of others. Always wanting to hold on to hydrated bodies, they would drool over the bodies of others. Some even adapted to sharp teeth in order to bury deep into the skin of others.

Laughing down the shadowy hallway; the kitty approached them with its screeching voice:

“You’ve all taken a chunk out of those unfortunate who would dream to pass us by.” It scratched a mark in the skin of the young chained boy. “Another night goes by and you can all sleep with the fishes.”

“P-please stop hurting him, my brother. He is my only family, my only reason to live.” She whimpered.

Grinning as it held the brother in front of her, the boy wanted to run away but his wounds were too deep. “Please don’t hurt my sister…” he gasped.

“WHAT? Hurt your little, little, LITTLE, sister?” It mocked his words. “Why would you give a single fuck about whether she is hurt or not?”

Spitting out a clog of blood: “B-because I have a reason to want her with me.”

“Wait, it’s taken you more than a few nights to get it right? A few nights to make a difference in this girl’s life?”

He smiled “Ha, you don’t like it when someone says something good about her, do you? You always rather strike at me, claw me deeper until I bleed. But you never ever actually hurt me or her.”

Its eye lit up bright yellow a pure black glowing pearl in the middle of each eye. “Don’t get brave little man, it’s a real deadly drop for you. IF you want to try to save them, I’d like to see that, go ahead.”


“The Shadows would whimper in silence, and the groaning walls would mirror their reflections. All of the darkness around us would continue to keep us alive. And the world of light above shines bright above us where the dying light remains out of sight.”

- The Little Sister


Sorry for the Delay everyone! I've been busy trying to get this Published for some time, due to some problems coming up- I kind of got delayed. This shouldn't happen again but if it does- I'll let you know through Mumbles. Just be sure to keep checking my Mumbles in order to stay up-to-date. I also would like to thank you all for all the Support lately! @Lavern_2002 You have been amazing! C:

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