1945, The Wedding: No longer placing a Little Girl in a /Dark Room. The past is now bringing back memories to several limbs, links opening up wounds that were sealed for years. A tall figure still stands in the shadows grinning at those who pass by. Creatures of the shadows roam the hallways, rooms with nothingness creates an atmosphere, a story like no other . . .


1. CH.1 - The Walking Mind

Author Note: "I actually really wanted to add these ever since I started writing THE DESCENT, but this time I would love to actually go ahead with it. So, I would like to introduce you all to the World Before The Little Girl... I'm overwhelmed with the amount of Love & Support you have all given me since the Hype, the release of this new Story. In fact, the overwhelming flow of new Followers has just shown me that THE DESCENT truly has a whole lot of fans, and a whole lot of new fans who really want to get into the Lore behind this world. Thank You Everyone! X 



“Among those helpless with fortune that seems timeless. They all gather round a small fire in the middle of Cyrus, a beauty known to man, a kidney stone born in flesh.”

Awakening in the mist that had left a trail of what seemed like frost, they could all feel the ice cold chill run up each segment of their little spines. Once awoken the sight came back to its vision; four walls, a ceiling, and not a door in sight. Everything else was slowly fading into a silhouette of many smiling faces. 

Throughout the dark empty room that stood between several other cubic locations where black lines driveled down the sides, white zigzagging all over the shadows standing tall on the sides. Inside the empty one’s mind lived a dark fire with soulless smoke casting over the invisible ink-like swamp. Forced to inherit whatever meets their eye, a creature that’s devilish enters the heart of Sky.

Spills of a dark black ink melted in the sunlight that was fading ever so slightly. White rolled up papers, newspapers containing old images of some of the most iconic characters known to man. One movement is all it would take for a mighty beast to step out of the shadows devouring them whole. Flesh, bones, and the skull of a child would mend together to build up the old.

A rocking chair that would rock several times before her eyes would close again, two stalker eyes set on her once again, opening up with those black pupils lurking inside two pure pearls of darkness. A deep ocean within them is the acid from where they crawl out of. After breathing in the fumes, they’ll feel at home again. Homesick are the ones that drown themselves in an empty room, inside their mind is a place they can hide.

1935 – The Wedding

Chimes, bells, golden spirits rang out with their ongoing sounds, the spirits spoke in harmony. Chains dangled around the bride and groom, claws tangled in thorn-like mushrooms. All eyes on her, all eyes on him, every little monster you see is a creature of sin. Missing from this honourable event was no other than her mother, left rotting on the bed. Starry night, star light, a simple thread is pulled from her dress, all to be exposed on camera at best.

Fly away from the nest, build yourself a brand new chest. For every heart you’ve stolen is a soul that’s now put to rest. Sleep a little, close your eyes as the creatures invade your mind. Shadows are no longer formed from those you once knew. Those who are known are no longer part of you. It’s such a shame to watch those you once had feelings for vanish in a pool of blood.

Out of the carriage, borrowed by a father stood out a man with a tuxedo standing tall over his kin. A faceless woman stood out to the crowd asking for a taste of the dry blood walls. All the crowd stood in shock, amazed to see that a woman was no longer racing against a clock. The gentleman didn’t see the faded faces of many, he looked at the beauty that looked right back at him.

“Shall this event be ruined by the headless monsters; I shall keep my family away from all those who hurt us. Those who hurt us, those who hurt us.”


“We currently are not accepting the helpless.”

Opening those two gateways exposing the light outside the temples, the tall body was now resting like all the souls that vanished into thin air. The beard was no longer trimmed, it had grown like a monster waiting in a dark lair. Hairy MC. Chin, not much of a name many would love to invite in. White dresses lurked around the room, flooding in left and right were children begging with the word: ‘DOOM,’ not sure where this spirit had been, the ladies around the bed greeted with glee.

“Where am I?” A voice whispered into the empty room.

Chanting outside the structure still screaming the word ‘DOOM.’

“You’ve been in and out of mother’s womb, she’s kept you inside for some time as the clock soon strikes you soon. Don’t be afraid of us, you should watch the clock, it ticks like the moon in the sky.”

“Who am I?” The voice would not go away.

Laughing in the faces of many, “You’re simply a model within this room, a figment of imagination is your fate.”

Gasping for air the ladies held the body down, arms waved around like an angry crowd. Hands died slowly with the applause becoming silent, eyes glowed steady. Legs kicked out with the feet snapping in place, all that was left was a bloody face.

“Tell me, are you all just a figment of our imagination?” The voice sunk deeper.

“Hehe, we are not just little pixels in your mind, we are actually just one person with one mind.”

“I remember a celebration… a lady with no face, she looked out for me while I stood in place.”

“Rhythm is key, it continues like you and me.”

“Am I not here? Am I not existing here?” The voice sounded impatient.

The white dresses faded away from the vision that stood still. The ladies were no longer gathering in crowds, all of them had vanished leaving behind children’s toys on the ground. The body raised up its limbs as it stood on the shadows of many, giggles flooded the room as ‘drowning’ was now an option. Arms grew out of the walls as the body took its first few steps towards a doorframe.

We are no longer accepting the dying.”

“Hey, I heard a story once that a bunch of limbs were going to grow out from under my bed. I continued to water it like daddy once said.”

Blocking out the sounds of children’s voices, it continued to move across the hall into another room that was darker within than the outside. Hands grasped the rusty handle pulling it towards the chest. The door sprung open fading away as it revealed a second light. Children’s happiness was all over the ceiling, over the walls, over the floors. Scribbles, drawings, patterns of all sorts were carved into paper with a thick black ink.

“Daddy once told me that if I was to water it all, it would come and grab me pulling me under the floor.” The child’s shadow moved with the limbs as it laughed from the ceiling.

“No, I can’t be here, this isn’t a place for me.” The voice spoke again.

“Look down, look up, look all around, up in the air or on the ground.”

A memory started to appear in the back of this lodged brain, the scale and mass was not important as the limbs became corrupt. As well as his brain, the children started to scream in the faces of many, laughing with the words: ‘You're Insane!’ – More giggles followed down the stairwell, layers of skin started to peel off the faces, eyes bulged out with the light no longer gazing back.

Down the stairwell sitting uncomfortably against a wall of needles, a murderous look was given to the faces of many. Smiling quite frantic with its movement, its arms swayed around like buzzing flies trying to escape out of an open window. Below them was a nest of ‘Bzz’, the sounds of wings colliding together at a rapid speed, children’s toys being played with; musical notes all forming this great memory that was once shared through a family of generations.

Inside the brain was what was once called a ‘Dying Memory’, no longer looking deep within, a smile on its face dangled in front of a puppet-like body resting inside tangled up wires. Moving its two arms towards the limbs that lay in reach of its claws, the child started to sing a soothing tune. “Mother is going to take me home, through the fields, through the elderly homes, she will take my hand, hold me tight, I love her with all my light, I whisper to my mother good night, a sweet night.”

1945 – The Wedding: Courage

Pulling up on the two yellow lines that looked as blurry as the vision once seen in a reflective room. The wheels spun a dirty trench into the ground as a woman with two bony legs clamping the dirt, with her sharp skeletal figure revealing a beating heart. In the back of the vehicle; a voice murmured from within following by several knocking sounds against a sheet of metal. These voices soon turned into a distressed call, begging for help, begging to be saved by whoever would hear these calls.

The tuxedo took off within a second, a tall figure shadowed over the crowds of many with a grin wider than the Cheshire Cat’s. A broken bone or two stood between their faces meeting each other, a luminous moon lit up the dying stars.

“Shall it be that this event is ruined by a tortuous coward, tell it how its, not how it’s spoken. Reveal to me them the moonlight that foreshadows the endless screaming at night.” Several whispers followed right behind that raspy voice.

“Daddy, may I talk for those who still want me?” A little girl held the microphone as if it was a weapon.

“Why of course darling, anything for my little sugar-filled prize of joy”.

“Hehe, I-I just want to say that you all followed me down a dark path, ha, you all went down into the abyss with a cute little smile. My cheeks are red, daddy… I feel the SCORCHING HOT SUN.”

Melting with the microphone tilting to the side of her little fingers, shrivelled skin followed after her eyeballs drooped out like two little rain drops dripping off a worn-out shelter. Tears flowed through the eyes of many, the tuxedo returned with a tall figure standing in a pool of his own daughter.

“End it, end the shallow waters that got you all here, end the deep depths that hold you here. Reveal to me my daughter, my sweet angel from up above, show me the light that I once watched die in the blood red night sky!”

Just as he finished his last words, two arms clamped onto the structure behind him. A simple ‘meow’ was heard as the floor started to break away from underneath millions of unfortunate souls.

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