''Beautiful Beginning''

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  • Published: 20 May 2016
  • Updated: 20 May 2016
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A husband makes an unusual sacrifice in order to help his wife recover easier from a horrible disease.


1. 1.

   Cancer is a thing no one would ever dare laugh about. However, laughter can be the best medicine for it.

  In 2003, Linda Carey, an ordinary woman from New Jersey, found out the horrible news-that she has a breast cancer. A thing none of her family could imagine that will face.

Nobody could understand how Linda was feeling when she heard the diagnosis. She has never fallen into a depression or desperation but now for the first time ever in her life, Linda felt she is going crazy. She felt trapped, buried in a black hole with no out. Her mind blocked ,her body went numb, her tears couldn't stop falling from her eyes.

-Why me,my Lord? Why exactly me? Wasn't I a good person?-asked Linda her creator.

Day after day, Linda loses hope, loses her light.

Her husband was beside her. Every single moment. He loved his wife so incredibly much. Their love was deep and strong. Now is stronger than ever in these 22 years since they were together. There love was invincible and surely Bob will not let some cancer take Linda away from him.


                                                                                               . . .



 Several months of treatment have passed. During the chemotherapy, Bob did all he could to amuse Linda in order to lighten her days. He tried to make Linda smile again but this was not as easy as before. The treatment makes Linda feel nauseous and in pain. Bob was seeing how every day his wife was losing her passion for life, her vividness and her inner light. Bob wished to change all that. Finally, he had an idea. An unusual one. A ludicrous one.



                                                                                                 . . .


  Bob was a photographer. He usually likes taking photographs of the nature around him. But now, to cheer Linda up even a little, Mr. Carey decided to dress himself with nothing but a pink tutu and to convince other random people picture him that way in various places.

-This will make Linda laugh again!-Bob thought convinced.

Strangely or not, his idea worked.


                                                                                              . . .


  After today's treatment in the hospital, Linda felt very sick. She wasn't in mood for any funny things when knowing that her state is still not getting any better. Bob managed to surprised her. He showed her a picture of himself-naked, with only a pink tutu on, lying in the middle of a main street.

Suddenly, Linda started to giggle. Then she unjammed a colossal energy inside her and laughed almost hysterically . She haven't seen anything funnier than her obese 45-year old husband, wearing a pink tutu and who was lying in the street.

-My crazy man!-said Linda-How much he loves me!

Bob hugged her and both remained so 5 long minutes. Linda was in tears again. This time from joy.


                                                                                               . . .


  The next couple of months, Bob continued to show Linda similar pictures-he in the pink tutu, standing or lying in various places-bridges, the tube, in parks, in gardens, near zoos, just everywhere.

Every other snapshot was funnier than the previous one. Linda just couldn't get enough of them. Her man was so creative. When watching them, Mrs. Carey almost forgets about the disease. She was herself again, even for several minutes a day. These funny stories, captured by her husband's camera, made her realize how precious life is and very often we don't even think about it . How often we destruct ourselves with stupid things like hatred or cigarettes, or drugs. Sometimes Linda wondered what Bob would do if she was gone forever.



                                                                                              . . .


  The Carey family from New Jersey decided to create a foundation that helps women with breast cancer. Bringing awareness toward the problem through very original pictures who speaks without words the language of love, was the best way to promote events in this direction.


                                                                                             . . .


 Ten years after the diagnosis, Linda have recovered. Completely. She continues to live in New Jersey, together with her witty and funny husband Bob. A beautiful beginning for the family who experienced a lot.

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