Twisted Love

Have you ever wondered, what if you date a hot, perfect guy but also a player, well known and a bad boy? what will happened in the end? Will he stay or will he play with other girls? Read more to find out!


2. The Dinner

“So…. How did it go?” she put on a smile.

“It went well. Mom you didn’t tell me that Mrs.Pattie had a son”

“Really? I didn’t knew honey. So is he handsome? Is he polite? Is he your type? Is he…”

“Mom, momm… stop. He uhh he’s fine mom” I didn’t let mom finish what she was about to  say. 

“But they are coming for dinner right?”

“ Yes mom. I’m gonna go to my room now”

“Okay honey”

On my room I opened my Mac book and on the wallpaper it was me and my old friends. Without noticing my tears was already coming out. I just hope that I found new friends like them in here. I put my earphones on and start listening to a bunch of musics. And I fell asleep. When I woke up it was almost night and I suddenly remember that our neighbors are coming here for dinner. I quickly showered and turned on my music. It usually took an hour or more for me to get ready. I was singing and also dancing while putting some make up on. Because the music was so loud I couldn’t hear anything else. I was shocked when I saw Justin was standing on my door and  turned off the music.

“I didn’t know you have such an amazing talent” he said while his eyes are going trough my room.

“Justin, how did you get in here?” I bet I look so ridiculous right now. He smirked.

“ Your mom told me to get you. And I wasn’t expecting this” He came into my room and sit on my little couch. “So, are you ready yet?”

“For what?”

“The dinner silly”

“Oh, um uhh.. i..i’m almost done”  God what am I doing, I looked like a total idiot. I just pinned my hair and went down stair with him.

“There she is! You must be _. Oh my gosh, you look so beautiful!”she hugged me. I knew this must be Justin’s mom. She is so pretty and kind, just like what my mom said.

“Aw, thank you!” I hugged her back. And from that moment I knew Justin and my mom will be best friends. I’m just so happy for her. My mom kept talking with Pattie. Me and Justin was sitting next to each other like idiots cause we kept silence. He was busy with his phone and me, I was just playing with my food. But suddenly I remember Cara.

“Where’s Cara?”

“Oh yeah, Cara is having a sleep over at her friends house. Well, you know how girls are”

“Oh okay” Because I was getting bored I stood up from the table and asked our moms if I can go upstairs with Justin. And they both said yes. So I took Justin’s hand and take him to my room.

“Sorry, I was just so bored.” I sit on my bed

“Yea, its okay. I was bored to” He saw my guitar and picked it up.”You play?”

“Yeah but little bit. Do you?”

“Yes, my dad taught me when I was a kid”

“Where is your dad now?” His face turns a bit sad, and I’m just waiting for his answer. He sighed.

“He.. he um. He’s with another women”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t knew. My dad died when I was five”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Well I guess we have something in common” I smiled and he looked at me for a while.

“What?” I asked

“Nothing” He smiled. His smile is so beautiful, I’ve never seen any smiles like this before. Not long after that, he started to play the guitar and he sang. His voice is so amazing, its like an angel just blessed me. But the strange thing is, I didn’t know what song he was singing.

“What song is it? Who’s the singer?”

“It’s Be Alright. Me, I wrote it myself”

“Oh my gosh! For real? That was like so amazing it’s better than most of singers in the world!” He laughed and blushed a little before he said thanks.

 After that, his mom called and they were about to go home. This night is the best night since we got here. My mom was so happy and I’m so glad about it. When Justin and his mom went home, I got upstairs and put on my pajamas and lay on my bed. I kept thinking about Justin, he’s so nice and so polite. That type of guy is hard to find this days, I would be great if I could be his bestfriend or his girlfriend maybe? I laughed and went to bed.

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