Twisted Love

Have you ever wondered, what if you date a hot, perfect guy but also a player, well known and a bad boy? what will happened in the end? Will he stay or will he play with other girls? Read more to find out!


1. First Impression

I made "_" so that you can read it with your own name and make it look real. I hope you like it. Happy reading!


I just moved to LA and I moved with my mom. Everything seemed so different, I miss my old town, my old friends also my old campus. My name is _. I’m a bit of an anti social person. It’s  been almost a week since we move and I still haven’t got out of the house and meet the neighbors.

“_, honey are you awake?” my mom yelled from down stairs. “if you are come down here and have some breakfast”

“ hmph, yeaa mom, im gonna take a quick shower first” after shower, I wear my tank top and shorts and I tied my hair up. I saw my mom making pan cakes in the kitchen and I just sit on the couch and see whats on the TV.

“Here is your pancakes” my mom put the pancakes on the table in front of me. “Now _, its almost a week and you haven’t make friends yet”

“Have you?” I asked back while I was searching for a good channel to watch.

“Yes I have, yesterday at the mini market. Her name was Pattie. She is a really nice person, and she said that she was our neighbor” I didn’t answer her cause I was focused on the TV.

“She also said that she has a daughter. Her name is Cara and she is your age”

“oh cool mom” I was still on the TV.

“_, I want you to eat your breakfast and then go to their house and just… just make friends” my mom saw that I was still on the TV, so she took the remote and make me eat my breakfast.

“Okay mom, fine. Whatever you want”

“And also invite them to dinner tonight”


I ate my breakfast,  put on my flip flops and I went to their house. I was nervous and it took me a while to rang their bell and knock their door. Not long after that I saw a girl with blonde hair that goes to her shoulder, with perfect body and pretty face, and I know she was my age. She must be Cara.

“Hi there, I..I’m _. I just moved here with my mom”

“Hi.. I’m Cara, nice to meet you. Please come in”

Their house was as big as ours, but it was decorated with vintage style.

“MOOOMMM…. We have a guest, its our new neighbor” she smiled at me and all that I can do is smile back.

“Mom’s not home Cara” the voice that answered was a little heavy and I was guessing it was their dad. “She already left for work” when he came out I thought that he is way to young and to hot to be a dad.

“Come here and meet our new neighbor” Cara pulled him towards me and made him shake my hand.

“_, this is Justin. Justin this is _”

“Nice to meet you _” I was still checking him out. His hair was brown like mine, he is tatted, he has a jawline, he is taller than me and his eyes… his eyes is brown and its so beautiful and the last is his lips. It was just so… so breathtaking.

“oh umm.. nice to uh, meet you too justin” From the way he looked I knew he was the type of boy that girls would kill to get for. And from his tattoos I knew he was a bad kinda boy. I bite my lips when I saw his. I think justin noticed that I was checking him out so he giggled and I smiled. That was the most stupid things I have ever done.

“How long have you been here?” he asked.

“Almost a.. a week” His face was confused.

“You’ve been here almost a week and we just met you today?” they both laughed. “I’m guessing you haven’t seen around, have you?”

“No, I haven’t”

“Okay then, me and justin will take you to see around tomorrow. How about that?”

“That will be awesome. oh yea, um my mom invite you guys to come and eat dinner with us tonight, you guys wanna come?”

“Of course! That will be so nice. We’ll be there!” Justin was focused on his phone. “Um, Justin would you walk her home, I have to do something”

“Oh, no that’s okay. I can walk by myself”

“No noo, I’ll walk you home” He opened the door and said “ Ladies first”. Justin walks behind me for a moment and I can feel he was looking at me from my head to toe. And I bet he was checking my ass also. We walked a little fast and I was already on my porch.

“So, till tonight…. Cutie”  and he walked back to his house. I was so exited.

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