Letters To Jane


2. Chapter Two

I entered the main entrance and saw a sign to my left labeled "Main Office". I walked over and opened the door. Someone was already talking to the lady at the desk, so I wen over to the side an sat on one of the chairs. The conversation between the woman at the desk and woman apparently didn't last long, because soon enough I heard a voice calling me over. "I can help you now young lady" said the woman. I got up immediately and wen to the desk. The boy just stepped to the side and smiled. "How can I help you?"the woman asked.

"I'm new here," I said.


"Jane foster," I said as she types on the computer.

"Ok Jane, let me just go ahead and print you ID and schedule out."

The lady walked out and entered another room. I stood there and fidgeted with my bag straps nervously. I glanced over to t side to find the boy staring at me. "What?" I asked.

"What do you mean what?"he asked as he brushed his hands through his short jet black hair.

"I don't know, I just mean why are you looking at me like that?" I said. "It's creeping me out," I added.

"It's nothing," he said smiling. "We just don't really get new people around this crap of a town. A new student in Cormack high is rare."

"Well maybe you should consider it is the first day of school," I told him. I didn't know if that made sense or not but it did to me. He just laughed and didn't say anything else. Soon the lady came back and handed me my schedule and ID. I looked at it and frowned seeing my 8th grade picture there. I didn't dare complain about it, the woman may be nice, but she looks like she could tell me off in one second.

"Here is your schedule, and here is a map of the school," she said. As she scribbled on the map and telling me where to go, I glance to the side and saw the boy smiling at me. I just nodded and smiled at her pretending to know what she was talking about, even though I didn't. "Did you get all that?"

Before I could even answer, someone else decided to answer for me. "Why of course she didn't get all that. No one could ma'am. If she said yes she got that, she would be lying to make you feel better because she's a nice person. Plus she's end up being a lost puppy in the hallway." I glared at the boy, but didn't say anything.

"Well then Adam," said the lady, "why don't you just show her where to go. You have some classes together anyway."

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