Letters To Jane


1. Chapter One

I sat in the car nervously as my mom pulled up to the front of the school. She smiled at me then frowned when she saw me pull an eyelash out. "Jane," she said, "you know I hate it when you pull your eyelashes out." I didn't say anything but just nodded as a response. When tar came to a stop, she turned to the side and faces me. "It's the first day of high school, there's nothing to worry about, so stop slouching and straighten up. Everyone will see that as a person who isn't confident, and they would take advantage of that." She looks at me an sighs, then adds, "Jane you could've at least dressed a little bit nicer."

"Thanks mom for the push of confidence and telling me to have a great day," I said as the car came to a stop. I grabbed my bag and opened the car door. As I got out, I could hear my mother just sighing in disappointment. And as I closed the door, I knew she was about to say something, but stopped herself from doing so. I watched her as she drove out of the school entrance and onto the main road.

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