Blue Jello, Among Other Things...

Basically a cooler version of the normal diary or journal.


3. 3

One like and one favorite, I got all excited before I realized it was my girlfriend. ;-;

I love you but you don't count now shoo fly XD ;3 :*


I dusted my plant babies with bug killer bc some ballsy mf decided to start eating their leaves. We ton put a stop to that realllllll quick. 

Anywho we didn't do that much today. 

Stole this guys jacket XD I'm gonna be a good person and wash it bc it smells like man smells and grossness, then I'll bring it back. Technically I didn't steal it he let me borrow it and he forgot to get it back. The teachers room is cold af and I'm talking around 60F bc she doesn't wanna melt her icy heart. :( 



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