According to general opinion in mai 1972 Federal republic of Cameroun move from federation to unity


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The people of Southern Cameroon freely voted massively on 11th February 1961 to join La Republique Du Cameroun based on some simple terms amongst which is the two state federation. Mr. Ahidjo decided to call for a referendum on 20th May 1972 to abolish the Federation against the wishes and aspirations of the people of Southern Cameroon. In fact the referendum violated the Federal constitution, which itself has not been adopted in the Southern Cameroon Parliament in Buea. The Choices of the questions was entirely the same ( It carried Oui and Yes) which means voting either way could have been a success. It was the people of Southern Cameroon who voted to join those from La Republique. It was entirely wrong to organized a referendum wherein all persons Anglophones and Francophones alike voted. Victory was sure because of the numerical strength of the Francophone. Only the people of Southern Cameroon could have voted to change the course of the Union if they deem so ok. It was therefore wrong to ask those over the Mungo to join and vote. The Federal Constitution was violated and Ahidjo abolished a state which voluntarily joined la Republique and he went further to proclaim May 20th a national day unilaterally in violation of article 47 of the Federal Constitution (which prohibited any action that would threaten the existence of the Federation). Article 47 was that clause which protected the state of the Union and Southern Cameroon parliamentarians had veto powers but this was sidelined. Therefore, by virtue of these very acts, 20 May should NOT be celebrated as a national day because it has no basis for the Anglophones. It is a political slap to the people from the Southern Cameroon.
Since the so call reunification what happen in southern Cameroun? the police force was close and replace by la Republic Du Cameroun police force. Administration was change and replace by la Republic Du Cameroun administration, which is copy from France administration. the Victoria (Limbe) sea port was close down, infavor of Douala sea port in la Republic Du Cameroun. The Tiko international airport was close down in favor of Douala international airport. the oil produce in Southern Cameroun is manage by people of la Republic Du Cameroun in Douala. the west Cameroun bank headquarter was transfer to Douala and some year later was close down. all those actions and many more make all Southern Cameroon to depend on la Republic Du Cameroun.
Since that reunification what was done in Southern Cameroon compares to what was taken?
Can Southern Cameroon peoples celebrate their annexion?
Is this reunification or slavery?

Gutenberg N Mbakop

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