~Bad Boy Grimes/McLoughlin~

Hayley and Michaella are joining a new school, but during a zombie apocalypse but they live in a small place filled with other people and a huge wall surronding them to keep walkers out, but what happends when the catch two boys eyes and the bad boys of the school

Read and Find Out


4. ~The Kit Cat Cafe~

Hayley's P.O.V

School was finally over, me, Michaella and my little sister Alix headed home. Alix's freind had to walk with her big bro so she went with us. I was glad school was over Carl and Jack were anoyying the hell outta me and Michaella. We couldn't belive that we were gonna be stuck with them for quite a long time, so it was good to have a break. We told Alix about them but she just laughed. She already met a shy werid but apprently cute boy named Kjuan ohhh looked like my sis had a crush. We started talking about things we done at school when my ringtone went off.
"CAUSE YOUR MIIIIIIIINNNNNNEEEEE" Me, Michaella and Alix got a fright and yelled as we got some stares from people walking past us.
"HAYLEY!" Michaella punching my arm playfully. I laughed and took my phone out my pocket and answered it.

Hayley: Yello

Mum:Hiya hun, you done school?

Hayley: Yesssh

Mum: Well i want you to go to cafe with Michaella and Alix and apply for a part time job please

Hayley: Wait why

Mum: because your almost 16 and i thought you should get a little part time job, Michaella's mum agreed to let Michaella join and i thought why not your sister, but i have to go love you byeee

She hung up as i turned to Alix and Michealla
"So..." Michaella said awaiting an awswer.
"Mum wants us all to get a part time job in the cafe down the road" I replied.
"Whyyyyy" Alix moaned.
"Ask her when i get home, she wasn't really clear but lets just go" I said walking off towards the cafe with them following. Well at least Jack and Carl weren't gonna be there and we could concentrate.

"You gotta be kidding me!!" Michaella practally yelled when we saw Carl and Jack helping out. They were here as well what.
"Yes they will be teaching you, the ways of the Kit Cat Cafe, but first here put these on" our new boss said handing us a white shirt, a black skirt, a little pouch that goes around our stomach, black high socks and a black ribbon that goes around our neck. We sigh in anoyyance taking the outfit's and putting them on in the bathroom. After we walked out the bathroom in our new work uniforms, our boss gave us each jobs to take. Alix had to take there order, I had to clean the tables when the customers were finished, and Michaella had to wash the floor. We all got to work as i started washing the tables and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned round seeing Carl with some washing luquid and a cloth smirking.
"Looks like were doing the same job" He said. I rolled my eyes, great im cleaning tables with this guys. I saw him look up and down me checking me out as i turned back around and went back to work trying not to care but he walked at the other side of the table and started to clean the same table. I looked up.
"Theres a bunch of other tables, clean them up, im on this one" I said.
"Im just helping you" He said.
"Just go to the other tables" I ordered. He shurgged and went to do another table. Whyy does he love anoyying me so much like omg...but hes kinda ..sweet.
~Michaella's P.O.V~

I was washing the floor when there was a thump, clash and bang behind me. I turned round and seen Jack on the floor groaning with a tray of plates and cutlery. I quickly stopped moping and helped him up.
"You alright?" I ask. He rubbed his head and looked at me.
"Aye great, just never knew you were mopping there" He said. I chuckled.
"Dude theres a sign right there" I said poiting to the sigh that had a warning. He chuckled.
"Opps, they really should make that bigger or something i never saw it" He laughed. I joined in and stopped suddenly realsing i was laughing with the bad anoyying boy in the school.
"Well..i gotta contine on washing the floor....try not to fall again alright" I said.
"Gotcha covered" He winked and started picking up the things he dropped and put them in the tray standing up. "Thanks for the help" He thanked and walked off into the double doors leading to the kitchen. I smiled and started continuing on my work. Maybe...he isnt all bad as i thought.

~Alix's P.O.V~

After seeing everthing that went on between Michaella and Jack, or my sis and Carl was defently crushing. They dont reconise it but it tottaly is and its actually quite cute. They were perfect for one an other and im sure everyone seen that well not the girls in the cafe they just kinda glared at my sis and Michaella looks like Carl and Jack were the popular bad boys of the school. Hayley and Michaella have to watch out, because the girls are gonna try and take revenge. Please hopfully nothing really bad happens.

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