~Bad Boy Grimes/McLoughlin~

Hayley and Michaella are joining a new school, but during a zombie apocalypse but they live in a small place filled with other people and a huge wall surronding them to keep walkers out, but what happends when the catch two boys eyes and the bad boys of the school

Read and Find Out


2. ~Meeting Jack And Carl~

We were sitting at our new desks as the teacher gave us a jotter each and told us to write down her name which we got told it was "Miss Wilson". So i searched my bag and pulled out a pen and started to write my name, her name and the number of our seat since we all had numbers i was number 17. Michealla was number 18 and i guess the boys who were supposed to be here were 19 and 20. Miss Wilson was about to start the lesson when the door got swung open.
"I told ya were late"

Everyone had there attension to the door as two boys stepped inside. One had brown hair, blue eyes a green and blue jumper and a irish cap and the other had a cowboy hat, long brown hair, a country shirt and gorgous blue eyes as well. "Well Carl, Sean..." 
"Miss for the last time, Jack call me Jack geez" The one that had a irish cap on interupted. I regonised they names oh yeah Sean well Jack was Daryl's son but i guess he liked his mothers second name and then Carl Grimes, son of Rick Grimes the guy that helped us. Thats actually all i knew about them. Miss let out another anoyyed sigh and pointed to our table.
"Just get to your table" She said.
"Whatever" Carl said walking towards our table with Jack following. They didn't greet us but they just kinda sat down and that was it.
"Well class onward with the lesson" Miss stated starting to write things on the bored as me and Michaella started to copy when i heard Carl mutter a "shit".
"Hey babe mind letting me borrow a pencil?"I looked up at him, did he really just say that, ohhh great he was one of these guys.
"I would prefer it if you never call me babe, but here sure whatever" I said sounding not all that intrested and went though my bag pulling out a pencil and passing it to him.
"Thanks love" He thanked. I rolled my eyes and went back to work when i heard a thump on the table and Michaella letting out a "Heyyy". I looked up seeing Jack with his feet up on the desk and right at Michaella's work.
"Do you mind?" She asked getting a little pissed off. He just shrugged."Get your feet off my part of the desk" She demanded. Thats when he had a quite shocked expression on his face, looks like he never got anything like that happen his life. Carl was like that as well they were both shocked a little. "Didn't you hear me, off" She said again. He didn't reply and put his feet down. I chuckled a little high fiving Michaella as they just looked at us. What was there deal.
~Carl's P.O.V~
These chicks were diffrent from any other chick in the school. Most of the chicks giggled, flirted and loved me and Jack. But these just talked back and didn't seem intrested. I kinda liked the chick with the short brown hair she was lets say "Cute" better than any chick in the school i would say. They all dressed in pink and curled there hair and making there face like a colouring book for the amout of makeup they put on there face but this chick had a nice formal grey sweater dress with black jeans and a black beanie, she had no makeup and looked like a sweet cute girl.
~Jack's P.O.V~

I was a little shocked at these two chicks, they talked back and the one with the glasses and the long dark brown hair demanded me to do something, wait why did i do it, was it because that never happened before. I could say that she was pretty, she was more nicer looking than the other chicks in the school, she wore a black shirt saying "I Hate Everything" Black ripped jeans and her hair wasnt that straight. She wore a little bit of black lipstick and massara but better looking than any of the other girls. She seemed like my type a girl.

~Michaella's P.O.V~

My anger was building up inside me as i kept seeing them staring at me, Hayley knew i hated that and tried to keep me focused on my work but i was even more pissed when that Jack guy put his feet up over my work thinking he was at home, someone had to tell him off, all i saw was the girls giggling and winking at them. Looks like they were popular yey fabulious...not. I looked up and say they kept staring and never done any work this made me snap and i almost said something when the bell went off. Everyone stood up and walked out the class, saved by the bell...good ridance. Hayley stood up and turned to the teacher.
"How come everyone walked out?" She asked.
"Oh we always get little breaks everytime the bell goes" Miss Wilson said. I turned to Hayley and just shrugged walking out the class with Hayley. Gives us some time to check out some of the school and see what private part me and her could hang around. Yeah lets just say we had being social but we never cared, before all this happened eveyone hated us. No one talked to us or even did anything so we liked to keep it that way, well expect for the teachers. And i defently not wanting any of the girly girls coming our way and try to change us into something were not that means no falling for Carl or Jack because thats when we become popular and we didn't like that.
Not one bit.

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