~Bad Boy Grimes/McLoughlin~

Hayley and Michaella are joining a new school, but during a zombie apocalypse but they live in a small place filled with other people and a huge wall surronding them to keep walkers out, but what happends when the catch two boys eyes and the bad boys of the school

Read and Find Out


3. ~Bad Boys~

Hayley's P.O.V

As  me and Micheaella were walking through the school trying to find a private place to hang we seen non other than Carl and Jack making there way towards us.
"Oh great" Michaealla said surcastically as they now stood in front of us.
"Hey babe" Carl gretted winking at me.
"Will you stop calling me that, im pretty sure you have anough girls to say that to than me so go tell them they'll be head over heels with you" I said. He smirked and placed a hand on his hip and a hand on a locker looking at me.
"Dont i make you high over heels for me?" He asked.
"Lets see here" I said leaning up to him. His eyes widened and a slight blush came across his cheek but thats when i took the opertuinty to lift his hand up and he fell because he had nothing to support him. He hit the ground with a grunt and looked at me and i smirked. "Michaella you coming?" I asked.
"Lead the way" She said as i turned round seeing Jack also on the floor. We walked off and laughed high fiving each other.
"And people called them bad boys" I said.
"I know right aww there ideots" Michaella chuckled.
~Carl's P.O.V~
I couldn't belive i never saw that coming, she teased me and then she took that opertuinty to make me fall...impressive i can see she was playing hard to get.
~Jack's P.O.V~

I sat up processing on what the hell just happend. This girl was playing hard to get and i liked that. I seen that it happend to Carl and laughed.
"What you laughing at, you got it done to you as well ideot" Carl glared at me.
"Dont call me an ideot pretty boy" I said standing up.
"Dont call me pretty boy!" He snapped. I shoke my head seeing the girls walk off. I dont even think i got her name. oh well im in class with her ill get it there.
~Hayley's P.O.V~

Class started again so me and Michaella sat down at our desk and waited for Jack and Carl to come. Once they did they slammed there hands right in front of us. I jumped a little startled and looked up at them. They sat down right at us.
"Are you freaking kidding me!? what the hell guys!" Michealla yelled. Thats when everyone turned round to our attension. Even the teacher but they weren't doing anything. The girls glared at us and the teacher crossed her arms siging and shaking her head.
"We never got your names" Jack said smirking. Are you kidding me, this was all just to know our names.
"Why should we tell you, you slammed your hands on our desk and then sat down are you kidding me, yeah might wanna re think your action buddy" She said growling.
"Hey we dont want no trouble" Carl said putting his hands up.
"Then i suggest you sit back on your chairs and shut up" I said. They both looked at each other and shurgged sitting back down normally in there chairs and i looked around the class. "Eh..sorry miss you can continue" I said. She nodded and got back to teaching as eveyone turned back around, god these guys were so anoyying and why wasn't anyone doing anything.

~Michaella's P.O.V~

Half way though the class i feel a slight kick to my leg. I looked up seeing Jack who had a little note in his hand. I sigh in anoyyance and take it without anyone notcing and Hayley was to busy to get her K right for a poster. I open the note as it read
"Can you tell me your name?" I picked up my penicl and wrote down
"What's the magic word" And passed him it. He read it and chuckled shaking his head as he wrote again and passed it to me.
"Please" It red. I rolled my eyes and wrote
"Its Michaella" I passed it as he red it and smirked writing another thing and passing it to me once again. But the thing he wrote sent a slight blush to my cheeks.
"Cute name ;)" I shoke my head writing
"Thanks" And passing it back. He winked at me as i looked at my poster not wanting to pay attention to him. It was the first time someone said my name was cute. Wait Michaella no falling for him remember popularity sucks!. I looked at Hayley who was smiling. Looking over the table seeing Carl he hid his blush with his hat terribly. Did Hayley just make Carl blush oh no please dont let Hayley falling for him, was she just teasing him...she was good at that thing, okay Michealla calm down im sure its cool no worry's haha no worrys.

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