~Bad Boy Grimes/McLoughlin~

Hayley and Michaella are joining a new school, but during a zombie apocalypse but they live in a small place filled with other people and a huge wall surronding them to keep walkers out, but what happends when the catch two boys eyes and the bad boys of the school

Read and Find Out


1. ~First Day~


The sound of my alarm went off telling me its morning and my first day of school.


"OH CRAP!" I literally yell flinging the covers off me and rushing to get changed into my outfit. I quickly fix my short brown boyish haircut and stick my beanie on before grabbing my bag and running downstairs.

"Set the time for your alarm wrong?" My mother ask as I rushed in taking a quick breakfast bar.

"Yepppp" I said popping out the P. "Well better go to school you don't want to be late on the first day" My father said flipping a page from a daily newspaper. I nod agreeing and give them a quick kiss and running out the house eating. My best friend Michaella waited at the cafe because it was also her first day of school and guess she was late as well, hah see no wonder were best friends.

"Took you long enough" She laughed "I thought you weren't gonna come" I shoke my head

"Who would miss the first day of school and leaving my bestie to do it herself hmm" I chuckled. She rolled her eyes playfully and headed off as I followed aside her. Even though we were all stuck in a big place guarded by skilful people that knew how to shoot well surrounded the wall in case any walkers show. Yep the apocalypse happened and me, my father, my mother, my best friend who was actually just my best friend when this all happened and her family well...she lost her brother and I Iost my other two brothers but I still had my sister who just decided she wouldn't wake me up and head to the school with her best friend. But Rick Grimes the boss or leader of this place found us and he brought us in. So we knew there was now hope...just hopefully it lasts long. Everyone had a home with there family's, there was a nursery for small kids an hospital for injured people and the place was just like a city, well kind of you probably get the idea. But I was 15 almost turning 16 and my friend was 14 almost turning 15 so I was oldest even though I'm not mature that much. Michaella had long dark brown hair, green eyes and glasses and she was just as mental as me. But if someone messed with one of us they messed with two of us. Anyway back to the story. My first day of school wooh well mine and Michaella's first day of school. Rick helped us sign in and now were part of a school. But we heard the school bell ring meaning class was starting.

"Shit!! come on!" She yelled grabbing my arm and bolting towards the school, me trying to keep up with the speed she was going. Wow who knew someone wanted to get to school quick   We finally got to school and since Rick already showed us what out classroom was we opened the door and stepped inside to get everyone staring at us.
"You two must be the new girls, come up to the front and tell us your names please" Im guessing teacher said. We nodded walking to the the front and i breathed out.
"Hai, i'm Hayley and im with my best freind Michaella" I introduced me and Michaella who gave a little wave. The class stayed silent as we started to get uncomfertable. We turned to the teacher for help on what to do next.
"You two take the group at the back, there will be two boys sitting with you but" She stops as she sighs in anoyyance "late just now so just sit there okay" She said. We nodded and walked towards the group at the back and sat beside each other. I wonder who these boys were, i hope there fun and awesome, maybe we can actually be able to get freinds today.

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