Skinny Love


1. One

As I walked through the crowded hallways, I made sure to keep my head hung low. If I made eye contact with anyone, they'd call me out.  It happened all the time.  I was what some would call an easy target. I knew I had to get to class because I'd already been late too many times to count this semester, but to avoid a heavy flow of people exiting the too-large gym class, I had to take the freshman hallway, which was basically on the complete opposite side of the school.

"Dammit," I cursed when the bell rang right as I was about to enter my classroom. Mr. Peterson seemed to have had enough of my bullshit when he stood on the other side of the doorway for a moment, glaring at me. I gave a pleading look, but that didn't make the nasty look on his face go away; however, he reluctantly opened the classroom door.

"Late again, Irwin," he tsked and motioned towards the front of the classroom, "Let's hear your excuse." Instead of going to the front of the room like he wanted, I simply walked to my seat in the opposite corner of the room and sat down. My teacher acted as though he expected this because he continued on with his lesson, sending a glare at me every few seconds.

Overall, the school day wasn't too bad, other than the fact that Mr. Peterson had given me a detention for Friday, which was four days from today. I could only hope that I was the only student serving a detention at the time. I don't do so well with other people.

I guess you could say I'm a bit of a recluse (and you'd definitely be right) but you don't have the full story yet. Wait until you've heard it all to form your opinion on me.

As usual, I didn't pay one bit of attention to the lesson and slipped quickly from the classroom as soon as the bell rang. I could usually go unnoticed from the length of Mr. Peterson's classroom to the cafeteria, and I could only hope to be so lucky today. The hallway was a scary place for an antisocial outcast like myself, so I liked to spend as little time as possible here.

The cafeteria was only a few feet away, and I sighed in relief. I hadn't been targeted today. I was just about to enter the doors when a foot slipped under mine and I tumbled to the ground.

Oops, I spoke too soon.

I looked up, trying to see who tripped me, and instead of seeing a harsh glare like usual, I was met with kind blue eyes. He looked around for a second, trying to see if anyone else had witnessed it, and offered his hand out to help me up. I took it, and once I was safely on my own two feet again, I was about to thank the boy when he turned to me and harshly mumbled "Watch where you're going, freak."


 ​Hey guys, this is the author Leigh here. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Skinny Love. If you did, please like it or give it a comment. if I don't get any sort of feedback on it, I'll delete it because whats the point of writing a book nobody reads?

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