Lucky Number 13

Lukas Farley has never had the best luck with dating guys. Hell, he's gone through twelve awful dates in a month. But what happens when his bad luck brings him something great?


1. Chapter 1

Twelve. The number of blind dates Lukas had been on in the past month. The number of guys he had looked like an idiot in front of in the past month. The number of times he had all but begged Damian to stop setting him up on pointless dates. Putting it lightly, Lukas had not had the best month. He wanted a relationship, and he was grateful that Damian was trying his best to give him that- he just wished that his friend would, just once, talk to him before sending him on a date with some random guy from Walmart. 

      "I swear, this guy is perfect for you," Damian would insist before every last date. "He's just your type."

      "How do you know he's my type?" Lukas would always question. "You don't even know what my type is!" Damian really did have absolutely no idea what Lukas was into. Damian most likely thought he hit the jackpot any time he found even a slightly attractive gay guy. 

      "Okay," Damian once admitted. "I may not know the specifics, but I know you're lonely and into hot guys. You gotta admit, I may be straight, but I've found you some hot guys.

      Sure, most of the guys Damian's set Lukas up with in the past were rather attractive, but appearance wasn't the only thing Lukas cared about. Honestly, some of the guys were kind of douche bags. Two yelled at and got into arguments with waiters if they had even one too many ice cubes in their water. Four of them never let Lukas talk while they went on and on about how they don't date much or how they just won some trophy for a sport no one's ever heard of or something like that. One guy even explained, in detail, that he was just experimenting with guys and that he didn't want Lukas to get "too clingy" or whatever. 

      Honestly, not all of them were bad. Some of them were actually really sweet and cute. So cute, Lukas became an absolute mess the moment he caught a glimpse of them. Not a "Oops, I've been talking for a really long time about some random thing you probably don't even care about" mess. He became more of a "Oh god, I just spilled my scalding hot coffee all over your lap and knocked your phone off the table while reaching for napkins" mess. Whether the guy was absolutely awful or a perfect Prince Charming, the date would go south pretty quickly. 

      Damian knew just how bad these dates were, as Lukas would practically give a detailed presentation after every date on every last thing that went wrong. The only thing he was missing was a PowerPoint showing the guys' faces before and after they spent an hour alone with him. Even though Damian knew that every single date he had sent his friend on was a disaster, he kept trying.

      "I swear, I'll find you the right guy," he always promised. Lukas really hoped that someday that promise would come true, because he was absolute shit at finding guys on his own. He still has flashbacks to the time he tried flirting with a guy at a party and ended up accidentally dropping the guy's phone in the punch bowl. Needless to say, he did not get that guy's phone number.

      Moving on, Lukas didn't want to think about his disastrous dating life. Damian had told him a while back that, if he really wanted to stop getting thrown into these dates, Lukas needed to try getting out there himself. Of course that was easy for him to say. He was Damian Montalvo. A.K.A. 'The Guy That Everyone Loved.' He was social, fun, charming, charismatic, and every  quality you'd expect the perfect guy to have. Lukas just wished some of his friend's social skills would rub off on him, then maybe he wouldn't constantly have to worry about the possibility of getting a restraining order from someone he'd known for less than ten minutes. 

      'You just need to get out there,' Lukas thought to himself as he ambled along, past a string of small restaurants and shops a few minutes from the campus of Michigan State University. 'Meet people. You'll be fine.' He eventually stopped giving himself a pep talk when he reached his destination. Starbucks. 'A coffee shop,' he mocked himself. 'This sure isn't a cliche place to meet new people.' He shook his sarcasm out of his head before trying to open the door. He pulled on the handle for ages, wondering why it wouldn't budge. 'Is it locked or something? How are there people inside if it's locked?' He was quickly plucked from his thoughts when he felt a girl tap his shoulder. When she had his attention, she pushed on the shop's glass door, making it open instantly. She quickly pointed to the 'PUSH' sign affixed to the glass before making her way inside. Lukas' cheeks started to turn a deep crimson as he walked into the small shop, almost all eyes on him. He hadn't even been in there for ten seconds and he already made himself look like an idiot.

      He shuffled over to the counter, trying his best to avoid eye contact with the people around the room. He only looked up to order a drink, quickly turning even redder at the sight of the barista. He looked about Lukas' age with mahogany skin and the most beautiful umber eyes. He seemed a few inches taller than Lukas, his short black curls framing his heart-shaped face. His full lips turned up into a slight smile as he looked at Lukas, who was almost certain he'd pass out at any given moment.

     "What can I get you?" the barista asked leisurely, bringing Lukas' mind back to Earth. Lukas glanced at the boy's name tag, discovering that his name was Sean. 'Sean,' he thought to himself. 'I'm in love.' His heart almost burst out of his chest as he took in the absolute beauty in front of him. He was once again pulled into reality when Sean spoke up.

      "Sir?" he inquired. "Are you gonna order?" Lukas looked behind him and saw a small, rather impatient line starting to form. He turned back to Sean, flustered.

      "Right!" he peeped. "I'll just have a tall iced coffee, please." That's not what he had planned on getting, it just seemed like he would get it faster. He just wanted to pay for his drink and get out of line before the people behind him started a riot. 

      "That'll be $1.95, please," Lukas heard as he fished around in his pocket for some money. He quickly handed Sean a crumpled up dollar bill and some change. He was ready to move out of line before Sean spoke again. "Can I get your name for the order?" 

      "Lukas," he stated just loud enough to be heard by the boy across the counter. He quickly stepped out of line and stood off in a corner for a moment before hearing his name and order being called across the cafe. He shuffled over and grabbed his cup before rushing out the doors, looking back quickly to catch a glimpse of Sean's smile.

      As he stood on the pavement outside the doors, Lukas looked down at his drink. Scrawled across the small cup was 'Lucas.' He couldn't help but let out a small laugh when he saw the misspelling of his name. He started to walk back to his school's campus, barely paying attention to the world around him. 

      'Sean,' he thought with a dopey smile. 'Looks like I'll be getting coffee more often.'

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